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I'll try to keep this as short as I can!

I am looking to join the British Army but I am concerned for my medical.

I suffered 1 episode of depression in 2016, mild and lasted less than the week (as per doctors notes on record).
I suffered 1 episode of anxiety in 2017, mild, lasted no longer than one month (as per doctors notes on record).
I suffered 1 stress related problem in 2019, which resulted to a panic attack.
All 3 required fluoxetine.

Basically anytime an event happened and I felt bad, I went to the doctor.

The trigger of all 3 was due to an abusive ex boyfriend who I so stupidly thought he never meant any of it at the time, whom I have now left and in fact have an injunction on (police evidence to back this up).

My panic attack in 2019, due to receiving death threats from my ex threatening to burn my house down, caused for me to take an additional capsule, unaware I had already taken one several hours before, in order to treat the panic attack, and I had caught my dermal piercing. My initial call to 111 states "potential attempt of suicide and self harm" - the following doctors letter after attending confirmed it was NOT suicide or self harm.

I also have a letter from my GP stating the information was wrong and he event outlined on my medical record now, the true event that happened.

Im concerned that even though the doctor confirmed this, would the notes from 111 impact me?

There is an additional note from 2014 of a time I visited the doctors due to feeling low, but he did not mark is as a depressive episode. He simply provided me fluoxetine, which we later found out, was a side affect for a contraceptive injection I had just started.

The army medical states the following medical conditions may exempt you from joining:
  • More than 2 episodes of depression requiring treatment.
  • More than 2 episodes of anxiety requiring treatment.
Does your medical record HAVE to STATE it was a depressive disorder (episode) or would the medical officer look at the 2014 note and assume it was an episode?

I am also hoping the medical officer wouldn't link the anxiety and stress, as both are different.

Lastly, I was on fluoxetine for a few days in 2019. I have seen online that they tend to defer you so you are 3 years clear but these forums are 5+ years old. I tried to speak to someone on the army chat but they said "we don't put this information online as people would assume they are not eligible, although this isn't always the case".

In short, they can't tell me whether its worth applying even though I suffered a panic attack and was fluoxetine a year ago or whether it is safe to just wait those 3 years as they would defer me anyway? Could anyone please advise?

** I understand that only a medical officer could confirm in cement, but any advice would be appreciated - I also understand that being in the military, I will receive threats - but with the role, threats are expected. I wasn't expecting to be threatened by my boyfriend at the time. This hasn't scarred me either, I'm content and comfortable in a new relationship**
The most important thing is that you are honest. The army has to make the best decision for itself and you.

Other than that, no one on here can give you a definitive answer. Carry on with your application and see how it goes. If it’s a no then appeal it.
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