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Can anyone tell me why one of things that permanently bars you from joining the regulars is any past history of leukaemia.

Surely, you've slogged through the chemo ( some say the biggest battle of all), got back to health and hopfully never have to do it again

This is the situation I'm in. I'm keen to join full time but this condition permanently bars me doing this. I've been told everything is ticketyboo from the hospital and everything is back to normal. Have you never heard of Lance Armstrong? I'm sure he has proved that there is life after cancer.

Would me still being a serving member of the Army (albeit part time) not count. Also with regular service in the past with (voluntary) mobilisation????? I ask this because a friend of mine has had cancer and is still in. Also , another pal has a prosthetic limb and is still in.

Why does this condition ruin my chances. Another instance is when a fit youngster who had leukaemia as a child with no sign of it ever coming back, cannot join even when they are fit, keen and intelligent enough.
One of the many reasons for such a situation is the 'Service test' type scenario.

Hyperthetically speaking: You are now fit, now serving in a teeth arms unit and are now deployed on operations to Upittybigistan. Half way through your tour your condition returns and you need to be sent back and looked after. This is all at the tax-payers expense, (dont forget that as TA the medical cover you get is limited and I have serious doubts as to wether or not you would be allowed to go on a tour even now as it might awfully complicated if your condition returned and the Army refused to foot the bill for something the NHS was meant to have 'cured' (not exactly the best way to phrase it but you get my drift I hope?)), and you must also be replaced on tour at an individual's (and his/her family's) expense.

Therefore, the service test asks if there is the tiniest possibility that you could become ill again from a pre-existing condition, is it in the interests of the service to employ you, the answer has to be NO.

Yes, I know folk get ill all the time and need to be medi-vaced off tours, but, this is a pre-existing condition which in reallity HAS to increase your chances of becoming ill at some point in the future. The servicies dont gamble on individual circumstances - its a blanket ban type scenario which is or isnt right, but is fully understandable.

One possible answer done, any more out there?
well, thanks for replying and i know you are just the messenger but surely like i said before what if someone had it as a child and it's never resurfaced years later. What is the army's stance on other cancers ? Why is it different if you get it while in service. I want to do my bit and if thay means home service or even Germany etc then so be it, but i would have gone to the big sandpit given the chance.

Apparently i have had pretty high dose stuff which even tho i had 5 courses of chemo, it got rid of it after 1 course. The rest were because they wanted to make sure it was gone and also i was taking part in a medical trial. Well, i had to do something with my time.

So, i'm still a useful member of the Army, willing to do my bit. Surely i can still do home service!
A very close friend of mine died last year of cancer. As soon as the diagnosis was confirmed he was 'Y' Listed INSTNATLY!

At the same sort of time I was working with a guy who was almost over his cancer, though he did have to wear a colostomy bag for the rest of his life amongst other things, he was at work OK every day but his employability was severely limited not only (so he explained), as a result of the dmage done by the cancer and teh efforts to remove/erradicate it, but also as a result of the possibility that it might one day return (hence the scenario above).

Like I said, might not be the fairest system but its the one they use..............
hiya, i have the medical chart here from the army and they say.. if u have had cancer in the past, but have not got it anymore for a number of years... they say ur fit and healthy to go :)!!

i have just been refused form the army because 3 and a bit years ago i got given a inhaler by the doctor as i had a back case of the flu. now there saying 4 years time yes but now no!!! i didnt even use the dam thing!

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