Medical Requirements


Morning all,
I have been looking and cannot find an answer to this so I was hoping someone may be able to help here.
Medical requirements....
First of all I am waiting until January to return to my AFCO because I had laser eye last February. So the advice was to go back in Jan to start the application process in time to go through a medical around the 18th Feb (one year on from LES). Now the thing that I have recently had a shock moment of worry at is that I have a metal plate in my jaw. In 2007 I had a broken jaw (wrong place wrong time) and had to have 3 plates screwed in. Two have been removed and one remains.

Would that alone cause a problem with my application? If it was I know it can be removed but I imagine this would again delay when I can apply.

I'm hoping that this isn't going to be an issue. When I went for the eye surgery I thought the year wait would fly by but I am starting to get frustrated. The only bonus being realising how unfit I am to pursue my ambitions. The extra training time is coming in handy!

Thanks all.


Phone up careers office and ask, get copies of all the reports from your doctor and be prepared for a possible delay whilst your case is viewed.

Good luck!

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