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medical requirements for juniors

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Hi can anyone advise if the medical entry requirements for juniors wanting to join Harrogate are the same as for an adult joining? My 16 year old son has applied but was recently rejected after his medical records show he has a history of migraines. My issue is that he was a child when he had the migraines and I do not believe necessary knows the difference between a migraine and a bad headache. Plus there is obviously the chance that he was over dramatising it in order to skip school - like teenagers do... He was seen by a doctor who prescribed preventative medication but he never actually took the medication for any length of time. Now he has to wait 2 years from the date he was discharged and is absolutely gutted. I am hoping to appeal for a shorter deferral period as I think the last documented statement from him claiming to have had a migraine episode was July 2019 - a year ago. Anyone got any experience of a similar situation?


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Put in medical appeal. Go from there.
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