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Hello I am after infomation and advice on becoming a medical rep. I am currently a Registered Nurse in the QAs and am considering my options. Any advice on say qualifications, work life balance would be great.

Can't say too much, I use to do the books for a medical rep, he worked every hour and earned f-all, he was on commission based work, based in sunny Norfolk, not sure what area he covered or which company, is the job you're looking at salary or commission?
Have friends who are/have been medical reps. My advice would be to be careful.

Whilst the salary + bonuses may appear attractive and targets easily obtainable in the first year, targets to achieve bonuses will increase each year. One friend gave up after three years as he was never at home due to trying to meet his targets that had been a doddle in year one..

Also, if you do apply, check out territory size. Another friend was told that his territory would be 'South'. When he asked the company to define 'South' it turned out to be Birmingham and all points south, including the Channel Islands. As he lived in Cumbria, not ideal.

Qualifications wise, your RGN/RN will be a great help. Not sure what else you will need or what the recruitment process is, but would suggest a. going for larger/more well known companies and b. ones that specialise in an area in which you have experience.

Good luck

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