Hi everyone

I applied in the TA back in 2014 and got medically rejected during my selection process, right after I was rejected I took all the possible routes they gave me to appeal for it and I did, they gave me a weekly plan to fill out what activities I do. Since I told them I sprained my ankle in basketball, which I do. They asked me to provide them with my consultant and see a physioteraphy and I did I got discharge after 10 session since they saw nothing wrong with my ankle apart from balancing which I improve, even my consultant said it was no reason to reject me. So I got Medically rejected permanently since I appealled 4 or 5 times ? I can't recall.
I haven't given up past year all I've been doing is train harder and I've improve so much. I applied again, to the TA and they still have my records and and automatic email response telling me if I want to appeal I should follow my rejection letter. So I got pretty down after that.. And Royal Navy Marines caught my interest so i applied not to long ago and still waiting for their reply. I wonder what my chances are? Should I appeal for the Army? If I do how? Will the Navy look pass my "medical rejection" from the army? In my application I told them I had proof of my consultants discharge and how he also sees nothing wrong with me joining, in my application I said I can provide this evidence. I'm VERY eger to join ..
An advice would be fantastic.