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Medical rejection

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Kampfturke, Aug 10, 2009.

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  1. Just joined the site and loved reading the help and advice on here.
    Got a bit of a tough one here and hope you guys can give me accurate and mature advice.
    In 2007 after being bullied at work for 3 years I went to see my doctor because of a low mood. My doctor decided to put me on meds without anyother course of action at first. In october of 2007 I got my doctor to send me to a professional service who then said I was NOT suffering from depression and didn't need medication.

    The army state that you may not suffer from depression for longer then 3 months, but I did 6. So I wish to appeal. any advice?
  2. Get down your AFCO/ACIO start the paperwork and let the Doctors decide at The Medical stage!!
    When/If you get defered then get your Doctor to send a professional letter explaining what went on.

    However with Recruiting as it is at the moment, Dont hold your breathe for your appeal to go through.
    We can pick and choose at the moment.

    PS Tell your Recruiter up front so he knows and doesnt feel an idiot when/if they defer you.
  3. they know and I did the doctors report.
    Still been rejected. I'm just looking at other options.

    Problem is the Doctor states I was suffering minor depression, whilst the Psychological Services state I was not suffering from it. Now I am getting a letter from them, but I'm just trying to think of anything else I can do to strengthen my case.

    I did some research where it states depression is an imbalance in the brain, whilst the doctor said I was depressed through being bullied. Also the medication did not work and rather then do anything else the doc changed the dose etc. It was me who decided to go off the meds, as if it had been up to the doctor I could imagine I'd still be on them