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I have been trying to join the Army Reserve and I went through the medical screening with the online questionnaire and then the medical review via GP. The GP confirmed that my medical is of true and I am fit to join the Reserve.

Weeks later, I get a letter from the medical board rejecting my application because I had two episodes of "low mood" relating to "acute stress and adjustment". I was once taken hospital by my friends when I was extremely drunk blabbering about wanting to die. I have never had mental illness and that drunk night episode was due to having a bad day. We all say "we want to die" when we have a bad cold or are feeling miserable, its a figure of speech. Never the less, apparently the hospital seen this as an episode of "low mood' and was passed to my GP. I have not seen my medical recored and somehow I have had 2 episodes of some stress disorder. The last time I saw a GP was when I had acne back in 2013. So it worries me that my medical record is wrong.

Is it worth viewing my medical record and appealing against the decision? Im worried my GP will laugh at me and send me away for wasting time. Plus the practise want £20 for viewing my own medical record...

Also can GP delete or amend medical records? My GP isn't very friendly, hence why I never go. (plus i never have any issues to go there for.

Apologies for the long read. Im eager to get to the bottom of this.

Thank you.


Please use the medical thread on the regular recruitment board. The standards and challenges are the same.

However, short answer is to appeal and state your case. It is £20 for the medical access - less than a days AR pay. Up to you.
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