Medical regect

hi i would like to know what are the chance of a successful apel to join the army agaist being on incapacity benifit from 05/05/2005 to 05/01/2007 for depression and anxiety, Have taken no medication.

currently have a letter from gp saying Im showing no signs of anxiety or depression.

Have been preparing for army trainig all year and got my 1.5mile time down to 10:06 and keep improving my time.

The only medical problem stopping me from joining the army is A HISTORY of MENTAL ILLNESS (depression and anxiety).

Can anyone recommend what steps i should take now to increase my chances of joinging the army thanks.
Are you saying that your application has been rejected due to a history of mental illness, and that yóu want to appeal?

I don't think your chances are very high, but they may increase if you can show a longer period of time than eight months (a couple of years at least) without any mental problems.

Best of luck.
Yea from what I have learnt, give it a couple of years, 8 months is not longer enough. Don't loose intrest though, keep traing, you will get there in the end.
mate i had a nervous break down. and i got a letter from my new school employers g.p. and my parents to say i have been clear etc . this was less then 2 years ago now. i was due to start on 2nd of septemer.

also because i had a bad a school report for fighting and saying a had behavioral problems a report from the police saying im violent.

itis possible.

J-J any further details PM me
In my experience, you will have to be 'report' free for at least 18 months.

Keep your nose clean, stay away from the 'chavs' and 'problem children' and keep training.

It will happen.
Glencorse is exactually the same as everywhere else, there is no difference. (Apart from its in Scotland) Incoming expected

(I would 'expect' the same from the other 2 services).

Keep going.
dont give up seriosly. if you read my post anything is possible. i was ment to be clear for to years but i appealed and over turned the deferal.


If you don't get in, storm your local primary school and take hostages. You sound like a right heid the baw.
just_jay said:
dont give up seriosly. if you read my post anything is possible. i was ment to be clear for to years but i appealed and over turned the deferal.

Thanks for your words of wisdom.

im gonna be sending off my medical forms and doctor letter tomorrow with letter from when my incapacity benifit ended.
I wish you luck with your application mate. I reckon having some of the symptoms of PTSD before joining the Army smacks of good planning and preparation. Wear a nice suit, polish your shoes and I think you'll pi## the interview to be honest.
im glad to hear that. dont give up at the first hurdal. you will face many huduls in your military career this is just one of them. i was due to start on the 2nd of september. as i didnt get my gcse's required for REME. i do now have a start date it could possibly be next year as adult entry. this is a rather large set back. i felt like quitting because felt like the hard work i had done ment nothing. but i picked my self up brushed my self off. there is a possibility that i start on the 16th of this month. if not it will be march of next year. i wish you the best of luck.


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