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Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by andyo84, Oct 20, 2009.

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  1. Was medicaly referd at adsc, went for a specialist medical appointment at friarage three weeks ago, called in to the recruits last week, but they said it could take a mounth or two for things to be finalised, anybody been though the process? How long did it take?
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  3. fuck you then, at least im asking a legitamate question, what the you doing?
  4. Was the answer from the ACIO not good enough for you? Mong.

    The real answer is that the ACIO probably don't know, because there are so many factors that will effect the timeline eg. other biffs in front of you, whether a specialist doctor needs to see your results, how busy they are yadayadayada........

    If I were you I'd sit back and wait patiently
  5. Looks like the clue is in the question mate. If they said it may take a month or two then it may take a month or two.
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  7. It wouldn't last that long...
  8. Thats why im asking num nuts, want to know if im gona make in time for the janury intake, I know from the sgt major (an old friend of my dads) at the afco that the 1st mercian will be going afgan in sep and dont want to miss it. someone might have already been though the process and be able to expand on things! Youve obviously got nothing to add so please fuck off.
  9. Woah easy tiger! your gonna need a bigger handbag before you get sent there!

    Well why dont you ask him how long it takes, will probably get a more realistic answer, although i reckon you would ignore his answer then come back ask on here again!
  10. *Whistles*

    It might have been easier to post this in the medical thread as it will more than likely get moved there by MOD's anyways. If you wanted help we cant really give you any info with the info you've given us. You were medically deferred, alot of people go through that for lots of different reasons. the unfortunate thing you may find is that due to the amount of recruits applying at the moment, it may take a while to get through as the applications without problems will go through first. Unless im mistaken you will also have to attend ADSC again but not do the medical.

  11. expect it to take a year
  12. Numb nuts here…..

    As I said, If you were told it may take a month or two then it may take a month or two. There will be many variables such as what your referral was for, what the opinion of the specialist is etc etc. You will just have to wait it out. You can keep popping into the ACFO but I reckon it may be difficult for anyone to give you a definite answer because, as I have said, there are many variables.
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