Medical Ref: Ex-Reg Biff Joining TA

Hey chaps.

Whats the score with an ex-reg joining the TA having left the regular Army downgraded as P3 L3 (LE)?

If the injury is now sorted, or if you're still a biff.

I'm still in Regs but am curious.
Fitness requirements are the same, obviously you'd have to be able to do BPFA/CFT etc, but it'll take a while to get your paperwork across, as long as you complete your annual tests you're laughing. just try to get upto scratch asap, coz they could turn round n say go do your CFT/BPFA next week or something. im pretty sure you get the jist being reg.

Depends on the unit, your rank and your skill set mate. There are plenty of Ex Regs I know who left as P3 and then went on to the TA, although mainly in the Corps as opposed to the Infantry etc. One of them even deployed on Telic downgrade to P7 because his particular trade/skill set was needed in theatre.
I think you’ll find at P3 there will be a lot of OC/CO discretion at unit level as to whether they want you or not and the unit justifying its decision to Glasgow.
Cheers gents. That was what I was hoping for. I've got an injury thats supposedly repairable, but I cant see it being done by the time I'm out you see and us such will probably be discharged while downgraded.
A similar question was asked a while back but in that case the chap had been medically discharged and was in receipt of a disability allowance or pension or some such.

If your problem would lead to such a payment then you need to very carefully consider the impact of having that benefit removed if you join the TA as there is no coneivable way you could be in receipt of payment from the army for a disability whilst at the same time be a serving soldier (part time)

If the above doesn't apply then the general advice is that every case is judged on it's own merits and the more you can offer the unit you approach in terms of your qualifications and experience, the more willing they will be to fight your case if required.

If you are in the resettlement zone at the minute and are even half heartedly considering the TA then you could do a lot worse than contact the local unit in the area where you will be settling down and sound them out.

In your last post you say that the injury is repairable in which case it may even be that by the time you get your initial joining medical your problem has been fixed and you find you are P1 again, lucky you, and you might even get the chance to collect £200 as you pass GO and land on the "Welcome to RTMC" square before being shipped off to "Afghaniraq - Don Not Pass Go - Do Not collect £200"

P3 doesn't sound so bad now does it :lol:
I have a similiar dilemma as I am considering joining the reserve but I receive a war pension thanks to injury received during 1st Gulf conflict. Would this make it impossible for me to pass selection ?
Not blowing my own trumpet but I could breeze a BFT/CFT at the present time, being fitter now than when I served in the mob.
Adolf said:
Not blowing my own trumpet but I could breeze a BFT/CFT at the present time, being fitter now than when I served in the mob.
What was that "toot" sound, then? :wink:
Shame you cant add something constructive to this thread, think you may well be more suited to CBBc website.

"Face the front and look at me "

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