Medical Records

Morning all.

I'm half way through the application process (at Recruit Selection Centre next couple of weeks).

I've already had my medical with the MO (which I passed). Question is, do the TA also contact my local GP and ask for my records? Or has this already been cleared as I have had my medical with the MO?



You should have got a Medical Form in your appliaction pack (well, all I can go on is what happened to me).

You need to take that to your doctor after filling out the first part yourself - He/she basically ticks boxes to confirm you haven't lied your balls off on it and they should send it back to your unit.
And the doctor usually does this pronto too, as they get paid £70 (I think) just for the privilege of signing it.

If you don't have that form, then all I can reccommend is that your ask about it back at your unit.
Your medical with the MO is basically to see if you are fit to attend selection weekend, and to start your phase one.
Unless somebosy else knows different or has done medical records differently, the form I'm talking about should be the only thing left to do.

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