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I have a question concerning, if I have understood correctly, the medical questionere you and your GP are expected to fill out at some point in the process.

Since I have never been a resident of the UK, how would I go about doing this? I don't reside in a commonwealth country at the moment and I grew up in a commonwealth country that was not the UK, so the system is very different.

I have been in contact on several occasions with the good people at but they seem content with supplying me with copy+paste answers that really don't help.

Apologies if this question has been posed before.

Many thanks for any help.


ofcourse, but not in english. And the country in which I reside don't translate them.

Are for example canadians and australians supposed to print their entire medical history page for page and then present it to whoever asks for them?

thanks anyway ViperRLC.


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Get your med docs in the language they are written and they will get translated!

Have you spoken to a recruiter?


If your in the UK now just go to your nearby AFCO or ACION or if you're not just send the army an e-mail. Go to or google it for an e-mail address.

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