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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by I_Cant_see, Jan 12, 2008.

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  1. Hi, im 17 and wanting to join up. I just wondered if any of you guys know whether the army will ask anything about my family's medical record or medical history? Thanks
  2. I am not aware that the Army considers "family medical history". IMHO, the Army will only consider your medical history.

  3. I seem to remember being asked does your family have a history of heart problems etc, but could be wrong
  4. Cheers. i just wondered if theyd ask my GP for anything other than my own medical records?
  5. No as Litotes says you are asked if any of your family suffers from heart problems, diabetes and something else on the RG8 (health questionairre) but not specific questions about family. Your GP fills out the other bits from your med records, can be done in front of you. Your Recruiter will issue them once you start an application and done your BARB and MOD(Bath) pays the bill.

    Recruiter explins the forms to you.
  6. the medical forms you take to docs may require more info about your family history depending on the question like heart condition diabetes ect.. the medical is all about YOU being fit to serve
  7. OK, thanks guys, appreciate the help.
  8. Do you think it would be worth lying on the forms if it asks me if my family has diabetes? Because my dad has it and if they then decide to ask for more info on my dad's medical records then they'll find out he has Huntington's Disease, which is genetic and there's a chance that I could get it. Which im sure they would reject me for.
  9. Telling lies on your medical application could result in you being discharged from the services if you get in! So probably not the way to go around your application - best thing you can do is be honest and see what they say!
  10. Also, i didnt have my TB jab in school, so will that count against me?
  11. I think you're getting yourself a little worked up here :)
  12. It won't count against you, you get jabbed to f**k in phase 1 if your missing any injections/boosters, etc... :)
  13. Ok. Got all the forms and the RG8 off the CA in my local office. First question: Is there any history of inherited diseases in your family? Oh dear.
  14. Just be honest, you may be surprised.
  15. My youngest is trying to join.

    Because his grandmother died at 43 of a heart attack, they could not continue with his application until he had a blood test saying everything ok.

    My eldest is in already and he as a heart murmur. The army doctor checked this out, so maybe it has changed in the 2 years he has been in.