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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by pat0115, Feb 6, 2013.

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  1. Do the army doctors have access to your medical records, or do they only have your health questionnaire which you complete and then is signed off by you gp.

    Or will they only look at your records if you had say a old knee problem that was confirmed by the GP.

    Or will they look at your records anyway even if your health questionnaire is perfect?

  2. The fact that you are asking seems to me like you have something to hide.

    No they don't. They let anyone into the Army based on what they put on a questionnaire, because its going to be more truthful than what another doctor has wrote in your nedical docs.

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  3. Is it Asthma?
  4. Just be straight - if you're fit, you're fit, and if you have a problem you're thinging of trying to hide then it'll get found out eventually and you'll have wasted a lot of your time and the Services. Things do get 'better' but if you have "an old knee injury" then maybe you'll make it worse. I'm sure they do check anyway although my info is probably years out of date
  5. They will check your medical history at the selection centre. The doctor in phase 1 will do have a quick look over it but will only look for any pertinent history.

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  6. Its a self harm episode I had, i scratched myself minorly and have no scaring. Went to the gp to have a chat she gave me a mood questionairre type thing and referred me to a youth counseling place which I didn't go to because I realized I was fine and It was just a one off. I wasent prescribed any drugs or go to hostpital, but I feel like any chance of getting in is ruined now because it will be on my medical history.

    The self harm was due to a freind commiting suicide, I know that must seem Ironic
  7. Speak to your GP? He/She might realise that its likely to affect future life and may amend/delete things?
  8. Yeah I posted it on a medical thread didnt get a reply though, and they were very light cuts. Light enough to not scar anyway.
  9. Step 1.

    You complete an RG8 Health Questionairre then your doctor verifies your answers.

    Step 2.
    The med staff at ADSC scrutinise the RG8 and if need any further Info will ask you or GP.

    Step 3.
    If provissionally accepted you are Medical Suitable to attend ADSC.

    Step 4.
    Medically examined at ADSC by the SMO where they will give you full medical and ask if theres any thing you haven't told them about.

    If you pass ADSC at this stage the Med staff are only going on your responses to questions and what the GP said about you and verified.

    If you then are allocated a Phase 1 place your Medical documents are requested by the Medical staff and will be there at Phase 1 for the medical staff and SMO to scrutinise. Remember throughout the whole process you have been told to be honest or you could render your self to DISCHARGE from the Armed Forces, this is also signed by you on your Enlistment paperwork 271A (Contract) on first day of training.

    This is the first point that the Army have seen your Medical docs and if you have lied at all you WILL be found out and Medical discharged....and it happens to quite a few who were dishonest throughout the process.

    And a GP WILL NOT delete medical evidence as they know they will be in the brown stuff.
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  10. Cheers for the info, im planning to go go to my gp tomorrow and ask to see my medical records, if there is not record of my self harm on there (which is unlikely) then I see no reason for me to answer yes to it on the RG8 form, and ask a different doctor to verify it
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