Medical Records during application

Hi Guys,

I'm in the application process and have passed my medical forms to my GP but my GP has said he can't trace any of my notes! even though I have an NHS number.

I have been lucky and have never had to see a GP for as long as I can remember, but the doctor says without medical history of any kind and especially without my immunisation records the Army docs at pirbright will say I cant join. Sh1t bust!

Does anybody trawling these forums know whether this is the case?

Also where would I phone to start trying to find my medical notes myself?

have you moved? try your old doctor. If you've had the same doc for x number of years then .................. What the F*ck; but, there probably registered at another practise!

i would go and chat to your recruiter first and foremost, because they wil tell you the deal...
as of lookin for ur medical history, (if uv ever changed doctor, retrace the last 1)
i had my medical history deferred first time i sent it off.. but with the help of my recruiter and gettin on my doctors case, i gt it passed

keep at it


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If they haven't got your immunisation records the Med centre at Pirbirght will just give you the full course of Vaccs any way. As to the medical records get in touch with the ACIO and let them know as you are going to get a full medical any way. May be your doc has a thing against the forces.
In my adult life I have never registered with a GP until about a month ago when I needed one for the Apllication form. I just phoned my mum up and the last time she went to a doctor with me I was about ten, at that time I was living in grantham, Lincs, I haven't lived there for 14 years. So if my records do exist somewhere in Grantham it's going to be a biatch to find them after all this time. I really really hope this doesn't stop me getting in!
My doctor decided it would be a good idea to fill in the "get me £75 quid for nothing" form and send my forms away blank. I had to beg my ACIO to print me off another set and then sit there and watch my doctor fill out my forms until I was satisfied. After this I dont trust the NHS anymore, I was lucky to have a sympathetic recruiter or I'd probably be working in macdonalds right now - I'd follow leguy's advice and chat to your recruiter and tell him the score.
I was in the same boat mate, no records and no doctor. Registerd at my local doctor as a temporary patient and told them the score. Tell them its for the Army and they get about £60 and there keen.

All the doctor did was ask the questions on the form and I gave him the answers. He then just put on the form that he had no records at the time of his assesment.

Seemed to do the trick for me, just means havin a few injections in the first few weeks of training!!

Good luck mate
Cheers Webber, I feel a little more confident that it'll be ok now. The Army docs will realise that when I have the medical at selection, I just hope they give me that chance.

All the people who say tht Army let anyone in these days should try joining up again, it aint that simple!
They will be fine mate, the civvy doctor means nothing really, just a tick in the box i suppose. the doc's at selection give you a proper look over.

TOP TIP: unless it's something really serious, dont mention it! Told the doctor i had broken my toe about 5 years ago, and he had me walking up and down for ages!!

Good luck mate!
heh, i broke my little toe on my left foot 3 years ago, he had my feet up was bending the toe to and fro to see if there was any pain, then compared them was my little toe for buddahs sake.
Aye - I had a wrist inury (quite a bad one to be fair, ligaments and tendons torn etc) from a bike crash.

Bloodyhell almost the entire time in the medical office was spent trying to test out this wrist.... I mean, just HOW much testing does a wrist need!

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