Medical records - chest infection/acute bronchitis...

Hi all,

I have PCCBC coming up soon and had a quick question regarding the medical that I was hoping might be easy enough to answer.

Having gone through my medical records with my GP it shows that I had acute bronchitis back in 2006 as well as a chest infection in 2010. Is this something that could/will be raised at my PCCBC medical or am I worrying about nothing?

My main board medical was fine and did not require me to undertake any form of lung test and I would assume they also had access to my medical records so surely it would have been brought up there? As the PCCBC medical is the final hurdle, my worrisome mind has blown it out of all proportion...

Any advice would be gratefully received.
Unless you are going for aircrew, I wouldn't really worry. I say this despite my medical training being limited to the new and interesting ways I can break myself, and then watching the professionals patch me together....

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