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Discussion in 'Officers' started by maccy_d24, Jun 10, 2010.

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  1. Hello,
    I am about to undergo the process for application and hopefully selection for an officers role within the Royal Military Police, (I understand the officer route for this is a platoon commander) and although the physical aspect doesn't intimidate me all that much regarding the selection phase, there is an aspect to the medical which has me off guard and potentially worried and I therefore would like some advice from the guys/gals who have gone through the medical with similar reservations.
    My fear regarding the medical is concerned with the dental check up they perform, and how much this weighs into the possible reasons they would/could and are likely to defer an application or even outright nullify the application altogether. Although my teeth aren't bad, they aren't perfect, I have two small cavities which I am currently getting treatment for and a tooth that was badly damaged in an accident and has a temporary solution until I have the money to fix for good. I don't know how much of a problem this may be for the selection process and if this type of condition is grounds for the application to be deferred or disregarded altogether. Therefore, if I could get any help from anybody who knows about this angle of the medical and could shed some light on the matter would be of great help,

    Thanks to anyone who reads this and responds,
  2. You'll be fine........shergar ;)
  3. @ Smudge,

    Thanks for your quick reply. Its been playing on my mind and making me a bit apprehensive of the process to say the least and it stems purely from the angle I threaded. So Thanks for getting back to me so quickly, hopefully it will all go swimmingly.........
  4. look around any unit, note the number of lads (and lasses) who could comfortably eat an apple through a tennis racquet and you will be comforted. Expect banter though eg. Sheepsteeth
  5. Not quite at tennis racquet stage yet, (laughs) but yeah I think banter is a bit expected with one of my teeth, I think the appropriate way of putting it at the moment is a rather odd fang in my mouth, but, as with smudge's comment thank you for your reply hopefully it wont be an issue. Thanks again....