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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by Maveric789, Apr 21, 2009.

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  1. 1.) Last october i broke my arm while mountain biking. I had to have a 8cm plate put into my arm to let it heal correctly, however i have heard that to become a officer it is recommended to have it removed. Is this the case.

    2.) i have slight hip displacia basically i get hip pain when i run and have unstable feet (walk on the outside rather than inside.)
    However it only affectly when i run long distances or jump from high heights. I was wondering if the army could possibley facilitate that or should i seek to have it fixed on the NHS or private first. :(

    Cheers, I look forward to your responces. :?:
  2. The first question you should ask for a medical opinion, I would suggest. If your arm is not strong enough without the plate then it would probably preclude you from joining.

    The second point is that the Army is unlikely to provide you with remedial medical treatment for a pre-existing condition. If you hide this precondition the Army may discharge you at a point in the future.
  3. Whenever you go for your officer medical, they shall request that you 'squat and walk'. This is to see if there are any underlying problems with your feet. This part of the medical will also require you to walk out the outsides of your feet for a distance as well. If you are currently suffering what you have described in (II) then that's the main thing i can think of that may go against you. Also, when you say long distance running can affect these problems you suffer, do you mean distances of a mile and over, or are we talking marathons, as you'll be required to do the 1 1/2 mile run for entry.
  4. its not immensely serious to be honest, my arm has healed completely i just get carpel tunnel because of the plate, so i may as well have it removed.

    With my feet it only affects me past a distance of useually 3-4 miles of running and it also affects me the morning after doing sport, normally knee and hip pain. :(
    But it will hopefully get sorted out in any case.
    cheers guys for your responces.
  5. Think I'd definately look at all the exclusions and get an opinion from someone medically qualified. Had to provide so much proof as I had been misdiagnosed with something previously and they asked questions about every single little thing I visited the docs for in the last few months.

    HTH slightly.

  6. i was wondering whether they can discriminate against me because of a previous medical history such as Hip displacia.
  7. Discriminate? A strange choice of word?

    If you have a medical history that might be adversely affected by your chosen military career, the Services will not recruit you. If they were to do so, and your health was subsequently damaged, the Services would have to discharge you, and pay compensation.

    In order to play safe, the Services will not select you if you do not meet the minimum medical standard. From the description of your medical history, it is more than likely that you would suffer unduly during the initial physical training.

  8. cheers man, it'll probably get sorted out anyway, its a pretty scary thought though to be honest. But it does seem prudent that they would reject me in any case i can completely understand that :( still thanks for your help guys ill go back to the doctors hopefully for a biometric assesment.
  9. Afternoon all,

    On the subject of medical restrictions is flat feet a bar to entry. Not sure of the severity of my condition, however I competed to a fairly high standard of squash before choosing to give up due to knee pain knowing I'll need them in the future if I'm fortunate enough to pass selection.

    I also noticed migraine's were a bar to entry on a list I found on the web. I had them growing up, however have grown out of them and haven't had one for years. Will this be a problem.

    I will obviously declare this information, but if it's a definite no now, I'd rather save myself, and the army all the bother of continuing my application.

    Thanks in advance,
  10. With regards also to the medical at the AOSB briefing, what exactly does it entail, out of interest? ie. body examination, drug tests, eye test? Im sure this has been covered but i cant find it. Much appreciated. Thanks
  11. Look in the proper thread, have a look for the sticky in the 'joining up - regular' forum. also look for the thread 'jsp 346'
  12. Regards the hip displacia, you say you get hip pain when you run? How about yomping around with a bergen on your back for hours at a time? What about the sports a couple of times a week at Sandhurst? Or how about even the simple bleep test at selection? Lots of quick turns on the line.

    A friend of mine had a undiagnosed condition similar to hip displacia, and she was so badly injured during basic that she was wheelchair bound for a few months, then needed crutches for six and now can only walk with special shoes that cushion her joints. She will be in constant pain for the rest of her life.
  13. Hi all just back from catterick after being medically discharged for eyesight until i can get it fixed been opticians today and was told its fixed with glasses how do i get back to training as quick as poss? Bored out my brain on civvie street
  14. I'd be surprised if you got MD'd for needing glasses.

    If your eyesight without glasses doesn't meet the minimum uncorrected standards then you'll not be getting back in
  15. There isnt a minimum uncorrected as long as they are correctable up to 6/36 in left eye which they are shouldn't be a problem. Cheers though
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