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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by catton01, Jan 2, 2007.

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  1. I handed it in today to my careers office, does anyone know how long it will be until i have my selection??

  2. will be in about a months time.... after i handed my medical questionaire into my careers office i had my first interview 2 weeks after and thn my second a week after that and then i had my selection a week after that
  3. Mine took ages, like 3 months before they called me back and gave me a date for selection. It shouldn't take you that long because I knew mine would take ages due to how I had moved, and the doctor's I was at when I kid no longer existed under the same practice, blah blah.
  4. ha ok cheers guys, what sort of things can i expect in the interview??
  5. the first interview is just layed back, you and your recruiting officer will just talk about three different job choices and then pick your 3 choices, the second one is with a senior officer well mine was at least, in this one as long as you talk you will pass it, he just asks questions like whats life like at home etc, and why do you want to join the army and what can you offer the army, good luck!
  6. ok cheers (Y)
  7. how long is a piece of string????

    mine took a week to clear and had ADSC about 2 weeks after that
  8. Hmm...could be a while, I finished all my documentation ready to go to Recruit Selection Centre at the end of March 2005, a month later I passed my RSC and then JANUARY 2006!...I started my Phase 1 training! So it took a pretty long time for me, just a word of advice, keep active and don't lose intrest in the meantime!
  9. and dont fall for the old trick in the careers office.

    sorry son, you wanted to join this Regt - you'll have to wait 9 months!
    but you can join this one, start next month - and transfer later!'

    stay with your main choices if you can

    yes, you can transfer - it can take up to twelve months, and thats if your cap-badge releases you
  10. what??! ive been waiting since march with my army application and ive still had no selection date ive only just got my medical done and its not september, i dont understand how people got their selection dates so quick:(i hate waiting im constantly calling them up and still nothing