medical questionnaire on application: depression

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by onetime, Oct 4, 2005.

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  1. I wonder if anyone can offer any advice here.

    I'm applying for a commission in the navy (also concurrently army) and could do with a little advice reagrding the medical side. I was diagnosed with depression over a year ago whilst at uni, and was on anti depressents for approx 4 months. I stopped taking them when I realised that i could sort it all out by doing more exercise, dealing with the core issue that brought it on. Another main reason for stopping my medication was the matter of whether it would affect job applications with the service.

    Now that I'm applying for the services and have been handed the medical questionnaire, depression is not stated as a reason to preclude one from joining, yet there is a box asking one to tick it if one has a history of depression. However how true is this? Is there a set period that one must be off anti depressents? essentially will it affect my application?

    Am i better off keeping it quiet and not mentioning it? (I realise that integrity is big part of becoming an officer, however I've noticed from this website that there are those out there who have eyesight issues and not mentioned them, eg lasik/laser surgery).

    Serious answers only, however I am prepared for a little heckling.

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  2. keep shtum fella, what they don't know won't hurt them, well thats not totally accurate, I didn't know a bus was coming and it really did hurt me.
  3. Until they get your medical records, find out you were prescribed anti depressants and lied on your application. Not worth it, you were prescribed drugs therefore it is documented. If it is not a preclusion then why bother lying?
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  4. Hey, I hope this info helps, although it might not be 100% accurate, its just based on what they told me at the medical.
    I was worried before my briefing because I had a childhood history of ahstma, however I got a covering letter from my GP to support my application, ie no history for x years etc etc.
    It was all good, no worries, but it did get me into a conversation with the nice lady doctor at westbury about prescription medication. I asked her about the various time periods that were neccessary to be clear of different types of medication before you could be medically cleared for commission, and amongst the things we discussed were anti deppressants. Her take on it was that you had to be off them for a year (maybe 2) and if you were on them closer than that it wasnt a problem but you did need to see an army psychiatrist.
    I was really suprised (in my ignorance I thought it would be a total bar from entry), but I hope that helps! Basically be as honest and open as possible, but get your doctor to write a nice covering letter (they will ask for this when you send them your medical questionaire).
    As with all these things, the ultimate decision will vary from case to case, but be honest, and dont let it put you off!
    Good luck to you.
  5. Thanks hang10.

    Does anyone know if the above applies to the RN as well?
  6. I think the only thing you need to keep queit is the fact your also applying for a commision in the RN. If the RCB find that out they will eat you alive (in one bite!).
  7. hi guys
    re depression and medical records, can they get medical records from countries overseas i.e australia, america etc?
  8. If your overseas doctors where non - private, ie the Oz equivelent of an NHS doc, then yes, they will, and some Health Authorities will charge you, the barstewards. The second most recent Ex Mrs Morty was a medical receptionist, and confirms this.
  9. hi morty
    have had a couple of different responses from various people. Still unsure though even after your confirmation. The main reason is, I couldnt be security cleared for my time in australia so certain jobs weren't available to me. This is why I have reason to believe that getting any sort of information regarding an individual from overseas (in this case australia) would be unlikely
  10. I wouldn't know mate, i'm going off a mate of me ex's who was registered in Oz and had his records transferred over. He got his free of charge, I shouyld bleedin think so to!

    The best people to speak to would be your GP, if registered in UK, your Recruit Adviser (I assume your original question was in relation to an application for the Army?), or even Citizens Advice, but CA would probably not be able to tell you much directly. Sorry can't be any more help.
  11. hi morty
    thanks for your help!
  12. No probs mate, good luck!
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  13. oh morty incidentally
    you said he was registered in australia.. just noticed it, however I am registering here in the UK with no military history, ahh well ill just what happens, don't have anything to hide!
  14. I think you need to look at things from the army/navy point of view.
    Realistically if its in your medical records they will pick up on it deffo, but when your interviewd you wont do yourself any favours being too brutally honest. Tell them that its in the past etc.
    I mean if this is really what you want to do mate, and makes you happy that in itself is an anti-depressant.

  15. Hi everyone,

    I have a question that may seem a little trivial, about 4-5 years ago I had moved away for university and at the same time my parents seperated. It was a difficult time and I had some counselling sessions via the NHS. There was no medication involved or anything like that, just guidance and well, counselling for lack of a better word!

    My question is will this on my medical record have any affect on my application? should I even mention it at all? ie vetting questions