Medical questionairre - chest pains

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by BaronPhilly, Sep 24, 2008.

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  1. I've just been able to re-apply for the army this month as I was deferred from ADSC for a year due to back problems. Anyway, I've had to fill in a new questionairre and get my GP to fill it in and provide updated forms and other information. I've noticed on the summary form he noted down a visit in my last 4 consultations that mentioned chest pain. This was a few months ago when I'd gone to get myself checked out for some slight light-headedness I was having and also some mild chest pain. The light-headedness was put down to lack of sleep/not enough food and my chest was just a slight muscular problem that was nothing to worry about and he gave me the ok.

    However I know first hand how black and white the ADSC doctors are when it comes to deferring people and I'm slightly worried. I'd just like to know if anyone knows what their policy is on stuff like this. If my doctor has said its nothin to worry about, should they say the same or is there some 'set in stone' deferral period for stuff like this (if so, how long?). As I said, it was a muscular problem but I dont want them to think its something more serious. On the summary form it just says: Occasional lse chest pain, oe hs n chest clear. Theres no further medical records for it or anything as it was nothing major. If anyone knows the answer to any of this I'd be very grateful,

  2. To be honest you don't sound a very robust kind of guy, are you sure that the Army's for you? You don't mention your age or what caused the back pain but going to the doc because you're a bit light-headed? Then saying you have chest pains as well? His exam found no clinical evidence or cause for chest pain so how you appear on the day will be how the MO's take you but you do have a history of minor ailments, the Army doesn't want to recruit sick notes, you have basic training to go through which can be physically demanding, if they feel that this will be beyond your capabilities then you may be deferred or turned down altogether, try a bit of toughening up before you go back.
  3. Read the sticky in 'joining up regular' look for 'JSP 346'
  4. yeah right I mentioned one doctor's visit and now your an authority on my background with 'my history of minor ailments'. That was the first time i'd visited the doctor in years, and I've never taken a day of work sick ever, the only reason I went for that appointment was because my boss at work told me to due to the fact that I was working up heights where light headedness can be a major hazard. As for the chest pains, most people would agree that if you have pains in the left side of your chest its wise to get yourself checked out which I did.
  5. You come on here for advice, then get gobby.

    I suggest you have a word with yourself.....homo
  6. Calm down. Markintime has a fair point. Its in no-ones best interest if you go back to ADSC and get deferred or turned down. Recruit training certainly isn't the easiest thing you will ever do. If you have issues its best to ensure they are completely sorted before you rock up rather than find out halfway through basic.
  7. Alright fair point I didnt mean to gob off like that its just it seemed like he misunderstood what I said. Getting deferred is the last thing I want, I was gutted about it last time. The injury I had was work related as I strained a ligament on my disc and couldnt walk for a few days, but at the time of ADSC I was fine but they still deferred me due to it being there policy. I'm robust enough for it, I'm just trying to be careful because I dont want to get deferred again for something as stupid and petty as that, thats all.