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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by michaelshane06, Jan 10, 2007.

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  1. hi my doctor finished filling out my medical questionaire today so i sent it off first thing. could any one tell me will i get contacted by letter saying im ok to go in the army?. And if so how long will it be until i hear anything?.
  2. well if all is ok you will get an interview within about 2 weeks.
  3. i got my first interview set for 23rd jan before i even passed the medical questionaire to my doctor.
  4. best advise is to keep contacting your careers office, and keep asking if there is any news, thats what i did, good luck on your questionare
  5. you will get a letter or phonecall to come down and discuss job choices, maybe barb test if you havent done one yet, i cant remember if thats b4 or after medical
  6. its before
  7. Hi all

    im new here so hi:)

    great site btw:)

    im non army scum:)

    took the barb test quite afew years back and score between 70-80% but unfortunatly i didnt go through with joining:(now though id jump at the chance if it wernt for the medical side of things since the docs reakon ive got ibs or crohns(pretty severe according to them)
    but id jump at the chance as ive been signed off for 10yrs due to this and im tired of being usless:(

    id be ok if they actually made there minds up cos untill they do im stuck and as im 30 ive now got limited time(33 isnt it):(

    im very mobile and the army is something ive thought about and thats nagged at me for years but at least ive this site to look at and what a load of laughs its been reading posts:)

    good luck with your questionaires lucky sods:)

  8. My bold!

    IBS and Crohns are two completely different complaints - you need to know a definative diagnosis.

    Crohns is a definate bar to entry.

    IBS if it is still a problem is a no go too! If its no longer a problem, and hasnt been for a few years - then re-apply
  9. Hi all


    the docs have been struggling for about 10yrs to solve the issue and put a name to a face as such but still i wait:(
    the pain is pretty bad most days but its the mental health side which i think will be the nail in the coffin as ive tried silly things tooo often but im not on medication as its only served in worsening the problem so ive been clear of meds for more than 5yrs+ and so far so good but im pretty sure my two beatiful daughters have helped that issue:)thankfully

    shame cos it was basically down to meeting the wrong women that gave me most head issues but now ive been with the same women for 10yrs and proud and if it wernt for the medical side of it id be jumping at the chance to serve.

    and again it will pass me by even if i can get the docs to say its ibs i think my prevoius med history with my head will screw me:(

    cheers for the advice and sorry for thread theft good luck micheal:)