Medical questionaire/ GP help please?? URGENT!

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Greg_Jordan92, Feb 6, 2009.

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  1. So i did my BARB today, got 62, not the best, but il live with it :)

    As soon as they gave me my medical paperwork i was off to my GP, but i have only been registered there since wednesday 8O
    So i went in, and there was a trainee on the desk, and no one else was avaliable :roll: (Typical)

    QUESTION1: So i left it there with them, and she game me the price list, and it says they charge £90, the army only pays £65 i think??
    QUESTION2: And i have my fitness assesment in 2weeks, AND they said it might take upto 8weeks to tick a few boxes and sign it :x :x (Is this even a job!!)
    QUESTION3: I tried to ring the AFCO but it was too late, and they were closed. I have to wait until monday now, but was wondering if i should postpone my fitness? :cry: (I want to get everything out of the way ASAP)

    Should i ring them and explain it, to see what they reccomend, or wait it out?

    Quite a lengthy post, but got a few questions.
    Any help appreciated :)

  2. I had a similar problem. It can take up to 8 weeks because the doctor surgery has to locate your medical history and then be sent it before they can fill out the form. I had this problem and it took about 6 weeks fot the doctors to recieve mY medical history but once it was through they filled out my form more or less instantly.
  3. Oh right, so they just need to get my history from my previous GP? :lol:
    If thats the case, il bug them for 2weeks straight :wink:

    Thanks for that, im not worring as much 8)

  4. Because I left Royal Marine training last year I wasn't registered to a GP anymore and I didn't even realize. When I sent off my medical forms they gave me them back and I had to register to a new GP and hand them back in.

    I've still not heard anything from the new GP, he's taking his sweet time. It sure is a faff!
  5. Il give them a ring tomorrow, i think i know my previous one 8O
    I will see if i can do it that way. Or if not, il ask them if there is any way of speeding things up?

    Or il have to cancel my fitness date and book a later one (worst case scenario) :cry:

  6. Well, i hope that doesnt happen to me, iv only registered, less than a week ago =(

    But id chase them up everyday to speed it up. Hope you get it sorted soon :)

  7. My problem was that my old GP that I was registered with didn't have my records sent down to them when they should of been (while I was at uni). Anyway I rang my old docters before my uni one and they didn't have my health records either. So I had a situation where my neither my current or old doctors could do it. So when I re-registered at my orginal doctors (where my parents live) they had to send for the records and the came from the PCT. I don't think you can speed it up much by rining your doctor coz hats what I did but it might be if you rang your primary care trust you could get them to hurry up and send on the info to your doctors.
  8. Will do, cheers :)

  9. Could yuo not have made and appointment with the doctor, and gone through it with him there and then? Thats how I did mine, got it last week, had appointment with him Monday, he still fecked it up like, but went back yesterday and got it sorted, handed in today, total of a week taken
  10. I bid my barbs test one afternoon and got my medi forms that afternoon with me to take to the doctors. i all ready had a appoipment with my doctor for the day after. i gave him the forms and he did them in front of me and that afternoon took them back to ACIO.
    and they said that was quick as it can take up to 4 to 8 weeks to get them back.
    from me going in to the ACIO to completing my ADSC took 8 weeks with 2 weeks off at christmas so it was 6 weeks now thats fast but i start phase 1 at bassingbourn on the 5th april so a little wait.
  11. as to advice get on the phone make an appointment to see your doctor talk to him tell him how importent it is. i did.
    dont talk to the people behind the desk your message will be put on some scrap papper then thrown in the bin.
  12. So you can get free tits on the NHS or a sex change, but someone who wants to serve their country has to pay through the nose.

    Why am i not surprised or even outraged anymore, its just another one to add to the long list.
  13. Skimmed....

    Apologies, was just asking, have read a lot of people have issues with their medical form, I was told to do it with the doctor, but I keep reading people left it there and took ages

    Question 1: Question this, £90 is alot, ask them why its this much
    Question 2: IS what a job? Signing the boxes?
    Question 3: Not sure here, ask AFCO if it is possible to do your fitness before your medical comesd back - Not a clue if you can or not, but hey, if you dont ask, you dont know!
  14. the doctors get summit like £65 for doing the form aswell
  15. Yep, guess as its private though, they can realistically charge what they like for it