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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by kingcal91, May 16, 2008.

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  1. during the medical when they check your joints what are they actually looking for? will a clicky elbow get you failed?
  2. Rheumatoid arthritis. A clicky elbow should be OK.
  3. i hope so had a clicky elbow ever since i got ran over (i was on the pavement, not my fault) about 6-7 years ago
  4. Take a can of WD40 and just before you go in the med room, spray your elbow with it and it will get rid of it while you get checked out.
  5. When the doctor asked me to kneel down both my knees made a loud 'click' and he didnt give a shi*. I used to have clicky elbows but pressups ironed them out ;)

    Good luck
  6. presume it must be pretty common, i dont know many people who dont have the odd click or squeek here and there
  7. My elbows and ankles crack and click like a 90 year olds and they did in the medical, too. I don't think it's unhealthy it seems quite common and alot of people at selection had the same thing.
  8. well if it clicks then you have failed, as mentioned earlier put some wd40 on it.

    FFS are these people so thick :x
  9. When your joints click it is just air going into the cartilage.
  10. Kingcal91

    Don't listen to to those who tell you to use WD40 they are trying to fit you up. The MO at the medic WILL be sniffing the air for the trace of WD40 cos old guys of 25 try and cover up their knackered knees with it, if the Doc smells it you're a definite rejected unfit service.

    What you have to to is for four weeks before your medical is put E45 in your bath (not shower) every night, and rub Liquid Petroleum Jelly on your clicky bits. LPJ is thicker so takes longer to get to the joint but is much better at masking clickiness at medicals.

    Hope this helps.

    PS don't use scented LPJ as you will smell like a girl and have no mates in the Army
  11. i figured that the WD40 was a wind up, i know you were only trying to help but come on i am not stupid
  12. WD40 won't do anything for human joints.

    Clicking without any symptoms is just cartilage taking in air. It is a normal occurance of joints.
  13. F*cking hell. That's my favourite yet.
  14. Well i like to be honest and not take the piss out of people.

    Maybe it's because i am only young and haven't grown into a twat yet, time will tell...........
  15. one times flash-to-bang for the fukwit muppets!!