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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by BiGjD, Apr 10, 2008.

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  1. After a lot of thinking and research I have made a decision to apply for the Army.

    I am applying to be in Aircraft Engineering however I have some concerns with regards to my medical examination.

    2 main things that may be a problem:

    I suffered from mild depression about 4 years ago I was young and stupid and had a lot of stuff going on and being too young and inexperienced to deal with it all I felt quite down. I wasn't suicidal although I have 1 record of self harm on my medical records reading "superficial cuts" it was a one off and to be honest I felt rediculous and never did it again. I was given medication but I barely took it and beat depression without any therapy or anything I grew up and im pretty mentally resilient these days.

    The 2nd issue im concerned about which partly caused my depression was in my mid to late teenage years I had a heart condition. It wasn't serious or life threatening and required no treatment in the end. My heart was beating in an abnormal rythm which caused me to pass out occassionaly. Eventually they found the problem and I had a tilt table test where my heart was stopped and started and my ECG's have been normal ever since I have had no problems in over 3 years now and there is nothing physically wrong with me now. I was abit down as before it was diagnosed I was concerned for my future with me being away from school a lot for medical tests.

    Would the Army outright reject my application for these issues? Im 22 this year and very physically active and live a normal life and im not really prone to stress and coming from a military background I know that I don't belong on civvi street.

    Sorry for the long post guys :wink:
  2. Your past heart condition sounds somewhat more serious than my experience, but this may be of some relevance?
    I've no history of any heart conditions at all, however at my medical, the doctor noticed I had what he thought was a heart murmour.
    I was failed, and went to my GP who gave me some kind of scan, and noticed that I had an irregular heartbeat, I then went and had an ECG, and the outcome of it was that I was fine, don't have a heart murmour, but I have an irregular heartbeat, something to do with the fact that I'm tall and quite slim, and my heart is larger than what would be proportionally normal for someone my size.
    I went back to the army doctor, he just looked at a photocopy of the scan, signed me off as okay it was put in my Med doc's and I was passed.
    Happy Days.

    Purely speculating from my experience, I can see them sending you away for an ECG and providing that is fine, then passing you when you show recent evidence of it. The trouble is, when I asked the hospital if I could have an ECG, they said it could take a few months; I suppose this could be a pain if you're in a rush to start training, and you have to wait a stupidly long time, for a 5 minute scan. I ended up having to pay 200 quid to have a private scan done in time for me to start training as planned.
  3. The condition you had is almost identical to me. Im quite tall and I have enlarged internal organs however it was seen as a benefit not a problem. I had an irregular heart rate too however in my case it caused blackouts. Conditions sounds the same as yours however it was symptomatic.

    However the condition was not considered dangerous and I was informed I should grow out of it and that it's a fairly common teenage issue.

    My ECG is normal but im bradycardic however bradycardia is normal for me being very physically active.

    But the condition you had sounds identical to mine just without symptoms. It is possible that bradycardia combined with the irregular heart rate caused my symptoms to be honest my resting heart rate iis around 40-50BPM.

    My heartrate is no longer irregular though and hasn't been for at least 3 years :)