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After several months of waiting, the results from my MRI scan came back, the Doctor said it is good news as I have an aneurism, but it is calcified and has no blood flow to it ad therefore will not require further treatment. Can anyone tell me how/if this will affect me re joining the Army?
It's very hard to say if this will affect things, for something like this I believe the only person who can say yay or nay will be the doctor at the ADSC, who will confer with your GP.
Go to the ACIO to enlist, be sure to tell your recruiter about this. I would expect him to run through the process as per normal, and you should in the meantime warn off your GP/ doc that he should expect to hear from the Army reference this.

I may be wrong, but if you want to join the Army, go into a careers office and crack on- it's the only way you will be sure!
I have no idea, I guy I use to work with died the other week because of an aneurysm, how did you find out you had it/might have had it?
If a doctor told me "It's good news, you have an aneurysm." I'd have decked him before he got the chance to go on about "calcified" and "not needing further treatment."

Some people just don't think, do they?
Get into the game by getting down the career office. Warn off your GP and see if he can get the ball rolling by getting a specialist consultant opinion on you condition. May help

Be aware you still may get the big Feck off pill
I was in the process of re enlisting when I had a seizure whilst out running. This (obviously) put a halt to my re enlistment whilst I had tests for epilepsy etc. These came back clear, and the Army doctor told me that it may have been a one off caused by fatigue combined with a low blood sugar level at the time, but shouldn't be an obstacle to re joining. However, in the course of the epilepsy tests/CT scans etc, a small lesion was found, which now would appear to be nothing to worry about.

I realise that the only way I will find out is to go down to the careers office, which is what I'm intending to do tomorrow, but I was hoping that somebody with more medical knowledge than me i.e anyone, could give me a heads up.

Edited to add that it was a consultant Neuro Surgeon who gave me the all clear, so hopefully his opinion will carry some sway. Then again he was a Taff...
As already said go down to the ACIO and explain and once your 203 Special Enlistment is accepted (hopefully) by the MCM Div get a RG8 Health Questionairre for your GP to fill out and get as much info/letters from Surgeon enclosed as well so the SMO will have all the evidence. Im not a medical man and the only person really in authority here is the SMO at the ADSC but I would think there is a big risk of a medical rejection here(hopefully Im wrong).
Ok thanks a lot. One thing he did say is that it has been there for quite some time, almost certainly since before I first joined the Army and possibly stemming from having Meningitis (sp?) as a baby.

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