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What are my chances of being admitted to the army if i have previously had epilepsy. Between the ages of 10 to 14 i had a number of fits, went on medication till 19 then stopped them. Since 14 I haven't had any fits with or without the medication, im 23 now so ive been fine for nearly 10 years.

Im allowed to drive and recently got a full normal driving license (previously i had to change my driving license every 3 years).

How strict is the army's policy on epilepsy, don't know if it's worth applying if i am just gonna be rejected straight away.

Thanks for any help
In the UK the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) covers all areas of employment except Army, Navy and Air Force. Some jobs and careers, however, are governed by health regulations.

An example of these is when a job requires someone to have been seizure free for a set period of time before applying for a post or training.

Some areas of employment have different health regulations, depending on whether someone has a history of epilepsy or whether their epilepsy begins while they are in post.

Armed Services
(the British Army, Royal Navy and Royal Air Force)

The following regulations cover all the armed services:

People with a diagnosis of epilepsy or who have had more than one seizure after the age of five are unable to enter the armed forces.

(Only in very exceptional cases will an appeal be considered and these must be accompanied by well-documented evidence from the attending consultant. All appeals should be directed to the Defence Consultant Advisor (DCA) in neurology).
People who have had febrile convulsions before the age of five years, and with no subsequent seizures, may be accepted for full duty.
People who have had a single seizure in the four years prior to applying will not be accepted.
People who have had a single seizure more than four years before applying, and who have not been on treatment during this interval, can be accepted for trades other than: aircrew, air traffic control, military driver (MT) or any trade requiring Group 2 driving Licences (LGV/PSV). This regulation applies providing there is no evidence of persisting predisposition to epilepsy.
People who have more than one seizure in the armed service are usually considered medically unfit for all trades. Those who have one seizure only, after entry, are usually downgraded for 18 months and restricted in driving and handling weapons. They may then be upgraded after an assessment by a service consultant.
That's what I found by searching the Forums, hope it helps

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