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Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by amazing__lobster, Jan 12, 2006.

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  1. I have a serious question from my girlfriend, who wants to join as an officer. However, she has got broken arches and flat feet. Would this bar her from joining?

    It doesn't seem to cause her any trouble in her day-to-day life, and she is quite sporty.



    PS - as its for my significant other, serious answers only please.
  2. Ventress

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    I make sure Stan, Foxy, VC and Dui-Lai behave!
  3. I have fallen arches (not to be mistaken for the Golden Arches, the medics 2nd favourite after Pukka Pies) but they only kicked in after years of wearing those lovely boots that the army give you that have no arch support.
    Fallen arches turn your knees inwards which in turn alters the direction that your femurs insert into your hips, thus giving you knee pain, hip pain and lower back pain and of course increased likelihood of ankle inversion injuries (lateral ligaments in both of my ankles are ruptured, which is a blessing really as I can now twist my ankle without spraining it although only my pathologist will know what damage that is doing to me without me realising).
    But if you wear the correct inserts in your boots and trainers when youre out doing phys and day to day stuff it will cut out the walking like a knock kneed nonce bit and stop you running like one of those lanky girls that you used to go to school with.

    will they let you in though? dunno.
  4. Hey Lobster,

    I was getting some knee pain years ago as a result of flat feet. Physio issued me with insoles and the pain went away and I had no problem playing sport. The medical staff at RCB had an extra close look at my knees/feet, wanting to know exact details of when/why I was given insoles but I passed without difficulty. I think the critical thing is partaking in sport/adventurous sexual positions without pain - so she should be fine in my non-medical, ignorant opinion.

  5. Ive had flat feet for ages, never been downgraded, still run, play football, nail gullible nurses, do operational tours and lead a normal(ish :wink: ) life style.
    Go for it, if they turn you down try thr RAF, theyll take any biff.
  6. must be a pain in the arse wearing those combat boots in theatre.....who are you trying to kid !! it was white clogs the last time i went in there. and ruptured lateral ankle ligaments will require surgery with the plaster in eversion.....

    im sure you mean you have lax lateral ankle ligaments..... :D
  7. In my experience most of the army have dodgy feet - keeps the Physio Cadre in work tho!

    They should be no problem if she is getting no pain.

  8. those old wooden clogs were to blame for many a broken ankle!! Some of us do spend time in field units as well, the lack of arch support can lead to fallen arches with in turn lead to ankle injuries! definatley rupture ligaments, did one in Hong Kong whilst running (1993) and the other in NI whilst playing football (misdiagnosed as a sprain that turned out to be ruptured lat lig, 2 x # metatarsals and a partial tear to achillies in 2000) air casts all around, no Evans Tenodisis and constant physio on the ankles until mid 2001 and still have physio every few months to break down the build up of scar tissue around the achillies.

    Conservative treatment of ruptured lateral ligaments
    Nurses!! let them wipe someones arrse and they think theyre a surgeon!! :roll:
  9. Neo

    Neo Clanker

    I would say that the entrance into RCB/Sandhurst would depend on which Corps she was having a crack at as, obviuosly, some Corps require more robust individuals than others. With the present state of accountability I would think it would be unwise to employ someone in these units who would later develop (without question) directly linked injuries.

    Alternatively though, the system of Medical Support in most units now is tragically unsuitable and I can stand as an example of that. It can be very costly for the Army to get itself into these situations. I waited over a year for knee surgery which developed into a disaster, only had the Op when went private at a cost of £000's, the surgeon has advised me to stand by for arthritic conditions within three years. The main damage was caused by over 12 months of waiting for an Op which was wrongly diagnosed (not by a Military Doctor may I add).

    Good luck though

    Quo fas et gloria ducunt
  11. A little dated but I was reading about Malaya and found this biography of Brigadier Mike Calvert....
    So tell her not to kick the doctor and if she does then under no circumstances should she giggle. Although I don't know how you ACCIDENTALLY kick someone in the nose?

  12. Point one Monsignor Filbert..It's Ginsters up north..but quite correct in the fact that the pie comes after the hamburger, but not before the mcflurry.

    Point 2.. BOOTS !! The Clogs that are worn for 90% of your working day have zero effect on foot problems.

    Please, before any retaliation follows, the above comments are posted in light hearted humour..Smithy, Don't give me the Book answer on foot care.

    Enjoy the rest of your day good people...medman out.
  13. remember the thick wooden soled clogs that we used to have? tell the people who fractured their ankles through going over in a pair of them (quite high of the ground if you remember and we used to have to tip bucket loads of soapy water on the floors back then!!) that they had zero effect on foot problems.
  14. Whats that? Must be the same as give a man a mop, let into theatre and behold he's a bloody cleaner, Oh he is!! :D :D
  15. yep, and?