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Hi all

I hope you can help. My original application was turned down as my gp said I had dermatitis which a dermatologist has now said is not the case. However, he has said I COULD have epidermolysis Bullosa Simplex, he will not write a letter and suggests that I see an Army dermatologist. Can anyone tell me if it is worth me appealing the original decision and am I able to see an Army dermatologist and fight this. I don't know if this condition is listed as a no no.

Any comments would be appreciated

many thanks
As it involves blistering of the feet and hands then I would not hold out much hope. Good luck anyway.
As above I am afraid . If you get blistred hands feet now .How would you cope with military training ? Seems odd that a dermtologist is not coming up with a definite diagnosis ,but ,if your skin is prone to cracking etc the Army has no use for you .Sorry

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