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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by 6sierracharlieoscar, Feb 11, 2011.

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  1. having never had any jabs (imunisations) at school etc and my medical records showing as such, i went to my doctors a fortnight ago to ask if he would give me the jabs ive missed out on in case it became an issue in any medical checks i will possibly (probably!) have in my future military career. He gave me a list of the ones he thought i would need but said to get a list of what the military expects an s.u.t to have and he would get them done no probs. the problem is my unit is telling me to ask rtc and rtc are telling me to ask at my unit etc etc....., does anybody know where i would get a list of what jabs a soldier is expected (recomended) to have? cheers.
  2. Think if you go to a garrison med centre for your entry medical they'll jab you if you either haven't had or out of date on the required jabs. That's what happened for me at Arborfield Med Centre.
  3. When the military want you to have jabs, they will give them to you ... Whether you want them or not.

    However, if you want to do something about it now, the military would assume you would turn up with the normal sequence of needle marks as a kid: Vaccination checklist

    Although, as stated above, if you ain't got it (or, more importantly, you can't prove you've had it), they'll fill you with it. Although I don't think, as a TA rather than a Regular recruit, you'd get them at an Army Medical Centre - you'd need to mob and get treated as a pin-cushion at RTMC.
  4. thanks for the info guys.I will get the ones my doc suggested then. cheers.
  5. The vaccination checklist is correct but sets out the routine childhood immunisation schedule as it stands today. If an individual has reached adulthood having had no immunisations at all then a more accurate list can be found here:-

    It is worth getting up to speed with all outstanding immunisations regardless of hoped for service in the TA or overseas deployment.