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I am currently attempting to join the TA but I used to have a bit of depression during my teenage years. However I am now fully recovered. Will this prevent me from joining?
With the doom and gloom in here some are spreading, you will fit right in :p
A question similar to this was asked before, I recall someone saying that they had suffered depression over 7 years ago, however had one incident of self harm and as a result failed their medical.

Although my advice would be to go ahead and attempt it, recently a guy who was ex TA and wanting to rejoin with my unit went for a medical and failed because he suffered a spinal injury when he was 3, even though he had previously passed a medical only a matter of years before and servid with another unit for a while under the same circumstances...which leads me to think it's not really black and white as to what's acceptable and what's not.

All the best!
I think there is something on the regular joinging forum about this. There is something in JPA detailing it. If I remember correctly you have to be free from any symptoms and medication for two years before you can join up. Also talk to your GP and get a letter from them stating that you're fine now (if you are!). But go along to the unit you want to join and talk to them about it.

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