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Hopefully someone will be able to help with this. I am looking at joining the TA and am currently at the medical form stage. The problem I have is I had a chest infection about 18 months ago and was prescribed an inhalor. I never used it and the doctor has written on the form that it was never used and that it was issued only as a precaution. He told me he would also write that have no need for an inhalor as I have been tested for asthma a few times (my brother has bad asthma).

The TA centre are currently trying to progress my application but they are not confident that there will be anything they can do. Does anyone have any idea if I have any chance at all or will I need to wait four years? Also, does anyone here know if the RAF have the same criteria? If I can't join the TA I would perhaps look at the RAF reserve instead.

Many thanks in advance.

A member of our regiment had a heart condition. The Regiment were satisfied if given a letter stating that it did not pose a risk to the person in question. If you're doctor seems as willing as you describe to emphasise that it should not be an issue.... then it should not be an issue.

The army just wants to avoid the obvious 'why did you allow him to join and now he's dead' scenario of press reports!

But, as soldierboy says, if your willing to sign up full time as RAF why not Army?
Thanks for the replies. It would probably be the RAF reserve I'd be looking at but I am seriously considering full time as I recently lost my job. Need to make sure I can get past this medical thing though. Are they more likely to look at it on an individual basis for the regulars than for the TA?
I had a similar issue with my blood pressure, the Army accepted a letter from my GP who stated that i was fit to carry on training (well, fit in the blood pressure sense of the word anyhow!)

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