Medical question please HELP!

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by smiler_2733, Apr 13, 2007.

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  1. Hey all, hope everyone is good.

    Well, i have asthma so ill have to wait until i am 22 to be able to join the army, which ill wait, but i have a allergie and had a previous knee problem, i dont use anything for my allergie, and have no knee problems anymore. I dont suffer from any of the above conditions any more, so i am just waiting, but am worried in case i fail my medical even though when i join ill be 22 (am 17 now, and ill when i join ill be 4 years clear of the conditions)

    I know you recieve a medical questionnaire when you sign up and it has what you need to be clear of, but i dont know what is on this, and i was wondering if anyone else knows whats on this so i can see if ill be ok to join.

    Thank you all.

    Take care

    x :D
  2. doesnt matter youll get a medical examination anyway and they'll pick it up if theres a problem, and remember you can join when ur 30 now.
  3. And anything can happen between now and your 22nd birthday!

    No point worrying about something that you cannot control. It's always a good idea to have a back up plan for any career choice that you make. Can I suggest that you use the next 4 years to get training/qualifications etc for an alternative career anyway. That's not because I have doubts about your medical. It's just sensible and will show the selectors that you have made the most of your 4 years waiting. Perhaps look at getting a skill that could be used when you join up.

    Goodness, am beginning to sound like my mother. Must be time to sign off.

  4. Thank you. Yeah I am makeing most of my 4 years. So far I have been doing:

    * The DoE bronze award
    * BETEC in public services
    * Administration level 3
    * Also doing volountary work as a team builder/co-ordinator
    * Key skills level 3 in english as i cant spell lol

    Am also going out running am working on my dyslexia

    So am sorry for spelling lol...

    Thank you again.

    keep smiling :D
  5. dyslexia don't worry mate i'm in the same boat. :)
  6. i can only fire a gun aiming with my left eye.
    i had a squint opp 20 years ago i cannot read through my right eye but still can only see the first 3 to 5 letters on an eye test chart with my right eye.

    would this stop me joining the infantry if so what other jobs could i do?

    if this means i cannot use a weapon.

    my left eye has over normal vision.

    many thanks sean
  7. Thats fantastic mate, i cant even consentrate on my breathing whilst running, hat off to you.
  8. You need to be able to shoot in all jobs, soldier first and all that!
  9. Best thing to do is go to an Army Careers office near you and get an RG8 health questionaire then see your GP. The recruiting office will not be able to discuss your medical history with you its confidential and between you, MO and GP. As you stated though four years sympton and treatment free (no inhaler etc for four years) You will probably have to do a spiro test at selection as well.
  10. Ill just have to wait, a whole 4 years but i should be ok, i mean am running every day so that should be good.

    I want to build up a bit of muscle but i am not to sure of how to do this so any ideas would be a great help.

    Thanks for your replys :D
  11. Echoing the point made above, if you can't shoot from your right (using your right eye) then you'll definitely have a problem when you get to ATR.