Medical question for mobilisation through Chillwell

Just been asked by my unit if I fancy a 6 month tour starting in Sept this year have said yes, v pleased to go but just a few niggles about the medical at Chillwell

I mobilised for Telic 1 in Feb 03, where I was told I had slightly raised blood pressure (about 130 over 85), got back in Aug that year and had it checked out with my gp, had various tests at my local hosp which confirmed that this was the case. They reccomended that I go onto low levels of medication, which I have not started yet, but intend to before my prposed deployment in Sept

My dillema is this:

do I go onto the medication and run the risk of being turned down at Chilwell? (I would not want this to happen, as I am keen to deploy)

will I be ok to deploy if I take 6 months worth of medication with me?

Do I not go onto the medication and take a chance (I am in a trade group which has been specifically asked for)

I am reasonably fit for my age (40), nevertheless I am training up for the phys in the time I have left for the depolyment in the hope it will lower my BP further.

Sorry about bone questions, I have been trying to get the DS solution from my unit , but surprize surprize, conflicting advice

any (sensible/reasonable )suggestions gratefully recieved
I would suggest discussing with your gp .The effect of raised bp is cumulative so your at little risk of dying from it immediatly . But any long term medication will fail you at chillwell.
My wife works as practisce nurse says last year you wouldnt have been
treated as guidelines have just changed .Dont think you would get a prescription for 6 months of medication and if you did crab air would probably confiscet it :roll: .Though diet and exercise would lower your bp talk to your doctor probably be very helpful .
Try posting the same on the AMS (medics) part of this site. If its treatable and they still turned you away, I'd expect they'd do the same again.
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I'm sure my blood pressure was higher than yours at the medicals I've had in my unit. The doctor's never commented on it. I don't see why the medical standard for mobilisation would be higher that that to be recruited? As a civilian anything up to 140/90 should be classed as normal.


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The difference is - as a TA Soldier being Mobilised, you HAVE to be fully FE. Many of those on TELIC and other Ops as regulars are not - but they are in the System already :)

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