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Hello Everyone,

Yes it is another medical question :) Just looking for some advice really, recently been diagnosed with "idiopathic oedema" i think!! in my right leg.

Been told its just a minor annoyance and not a issue to be worried about. The swelling should die down with weight loss and improved diet (Things i was already doing to get fit for the TA).

Of course i am probably still going to move forward with my application or give the recruitment centre a call at least for advice.
Currently i am 105kg and need to get down to at least 93kg to be at the weight i need to be to move forward. Getting back to working on my 1.5 mile run as well. I love running

Question is can i do anything in the TA with this condition? I want this so so bad, should have done this years ago and i am still young at 29 to have a potential career in the military.

Advice will be greatly appreciated, i am preparing myself for refusal

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