Medical question about my chest

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by JohnBibby, Mar 10, 2011.

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  1. Hello all!

    I am applying to join my local TA infantry. I got my medical forms to fill out today and i have a question. The part where it asks if youve had a hearing problem. Back problem etc. There is a part for chest problem. The only reason i have ever been to the doctors had been a weird issue where my chest would sore and id have to stretch and my chest would make a crack like a knuckle and it would feel fine again. I went to the doctor and they assumed it was "Costocondritis" (inflamation of the chest wall) and gave me naproxn (anti inflamatrys) which did help.

    I wasnt doing any exercise at the time so i joined a gym and after 3 weeks of lifting weights gradually. The pain went away. And is now gone. Last time i was at the doctors last time 6 months ago. Which is the last time i got my medication.

    Sorry for the big explanation but im just stressing out. Do you think ill get denied on the medical?
  2. Speak with your civvy doctor - ask them if there is any reason that you can't complete military service. Then take it from there. Medical advice from a bunch of unknowns is probably not the best way to go about it. Good luck - hope it all goes well.
  3. Your GP will include details of the condition on your RG8 which will be seen by the Army doctor when you have your medical. When you get your GP to fill in your RG8 ask him to make it clear on the form that it is no longer a problem.

    The best advice is to just relax, it is something that has happened and which will be checked and you have no control over it other than ensuring the forms are completed correctly. The result of your medical will depend on the opinion of the army doctor who conducts your medical and whether he believes you are fit for service in line with current army medical policy. If he decides you are not and fails you at your medical you will have the opportunity to appeal the decision if you can get your civilian GP to write a letter of support for you.
  4. I handed in the form today and was told i need an apointment with a doctor from my practice that "Qualified to do the army stuff" so thats good news i think. Ill have a chance to ecplain it all fully as my doctors arent aware the problem is now gone.

    Thanks for all your help guys and wish me luck for monday!
  5. So who 'Qualifed to do Army Stuff' ????