Medical query re: Pilot Officer

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by lewismansell, Sep 2, 2010.

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  1. A bit of a wannabe question here. I was recently selected for Aircrew Officer in the RN, due to start Officer Training in 2 weeks time, but 4 weeks ago I got told that because I had Tinnitus on my medical records (2 years ago, minor, and passed 2 hearing tests for the RN since) that I have been put on the black list for RN Aircrew. I was wondering if they AAC would take a similar view, even though my tinnitus has almost completely cleared up and doesn't affect my hearing? I have e-mailed AAC-HQ but not had a response.
  2. The AAC will almost certainly take a similar view as I have always thought the medical requirements of all 3 forces are the same with regard reasons to fail, fail in one fail in all.
  3. Lewis, if you are on the Blacklist for RN aviation branch do you know if you will be turning up to totnes as planned still going in as aircrew, or has that been put on hold, or are you instead turning up as a potential Warfare officer? I'd sort out that part before worrying about other services... as one who is scheduled to collect you from said train station!

    However, wait out on AAC/RAF/RN aircrew requirements, I do know for example the RN and RAF have different standards needed for eyesight, so it could be different for other aspects of the physical. Another word of warning though, the AAC does not confirm you a place after sandhurst, unlike the RN so there is every chance you'll go into Sandbags attempting to be a AAC pilot, but pop out the other side an infanteer, or Logistics Troopie (shudder).

    Just a few thoughts, good luck whatever!
  4. Cheers Yeoman, there's a chance for me yet then. Unfortunately I won't even be able to get to Totnes, as I have been barred from every branch of the RN, not just Aircrew. Effectively, I am still waiting to see if I can do ANY job in the armed forces...

    Understand that a place with the AAC is not confirmed after Sandhurst, but there are other jobs in the Army that really interest me (was looking more at Intelligence actually), so assuming that I can go to Sandhurst then I should have options.

    I decided a few weeks ago to go and get a degree under my belt while I'm still young[ish], so will be graduating in 3 years with a BSc in Graography with Mountain Leader Training. It may sound like a bit of a Mickey Mouse qualification, but that way I'm combining my second favourite hobby (mountaineering) with a higher qualification so that if I can't get in the armed forces, then at least I will be qualified to do something else, even if it is just part of a full time mountain rescue unit in the Alps or somewhere.

    Thanks for you input.
  5. Im not too sure, eg. i know for the RAF you must have no history of asthma for aircrew, however the RN FAA say you can join if you're 4 years clear.