Medical query. Getting concerned now

Hi guys. Ive got a couple of medical questions. Ive just been told i may have a hernia and am going to the hospital for further tests in December. Now once Thats been treated am i still eligible to join? Also Im being tested for bronchiatasis and pylori bacteria as i keep getting a acidic taste at the back of my throat. Now Ive seen that bronchiatasis is a permanent bar to entry as its classed as a lung disease. Thing is although Ive got the breath symptom there's nothing else to point towards it really. It says that shortness of breath is a big factor but i Dont get that atall. I know i might be jumping the gun because it hasn't been confirmed but if it is confirmed is there any way of it being down to individual basis? Im fairly fit and Dont have any breathing issues but apart from the breath and speutem etc theres nothing else. I know there probably wont be any way round it but Im going to be absolutely gutted if it is confirmed.


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