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So, some of you might have noticed me asking questions as to whether or not a minor Eustachian Tube Dysfunction disqualifies you from serving. Or maybe you didn't, because I never got an answer that didn't somehow revolve around taunting me about Australia getting knocked out of the Rugby.
Anyway, I went and did the BARB tests and handed in the Health Questionnaire complete with a specialist report on said condition, and was told I'd have to wait until the questionnaire had been checked out by the powers that be. I was also told that I wouldn't get as far as Selection if they thought it was going to rub me out.
Well the good news is I got word back today that I'd been found suitable to attend Selection, and that I have the Interview on the 9th of January. So my question is this: Am I to take it that this particular medical niggle will not get me binned?
Any help would be much appreciated.
Once you have gone through the job briefs and passed the interviews you will go down to selection at the ADSC. On the first day you will have your medical for real where the SMO will read up on your RG8, conduct the medical and ask you questions on any previous medical conditions. Its all medical in confidence so realistically pointless people answering on specific medicl problems on here except for about asthma. Youve got through the first stage and fingers crossed with the others, just prepare yourself with your fitness, confidence, job briefs and interview techniques and put the medical at the back of your mind, if its meant to be you will pass it.
Well the recruiters seemed to think that this means I won't get knocked back for this condition. I guess it depends on whether the Specialist made the right call given that's what the decision was based upon. I think I might cop restrictions though because the specialist said Parachuting was a risky proposition for me (might rupture my eardrums). Then again I understand medical restrictions aren't unusual in the Army (height, eye-sight/colour perception etc.), correct?
redredred said:
Why except for asthma?
Because asthma is a set in stone four year sympton and treatment free and will not be altered. The majority of other medical conditions are individually decided by the SMO.

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