Medical Problem, please assess

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by Woodsey, Jul 12, 2011.

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  1. Have been told I have a mild slipped disc and it would take 18 months to heal. After it has healed, I would like to join 131 Independent Commando Squadron Royal Engineers.

    My question is, will my back fully heal and will I be able to pass out of the Commando Course?

    I am a very strong willed "positive" person and if you tell me no, I'll probably want to do it more but at least as all good medical staff like, you can tell me "I told you so" when I paralyse myself :)


  2. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    You won't paralyse yourself....

    You will just start to fall back on the runs, drop off the back of the pack on "yomps", struggle in the gym,and keep mentioning your bad back as you take the shameful climb into the jack waggon (again!).....then either get sacked or jack, leaving you to spend the rest of your life telling everyone how you "coulda been a contender" if it hadn't been for your back.

    Seriously - very little hope of passing an arduous selection course with a slipped disc, as the time off between training weekends will need to be filled with lots of training in your own time if you are to have a hope in hell of passing. As such, there is little time for rest, which is what your body will need. Get fully healed first, if at all possible, before even attempting it. Even after 18 months, don't be surprised if it comes back to haunt you.
  3. Try going to a reputable chiropractor/osteopath & get their opinion. Have you had x rays or a cat scan of your back to show the extent of the damage?
  4. If I were to leave it two to three years?

    Will it ever fully heal?

    Thanks for replying
  5. Don't get me started!!!!!!! The only imaging of any use would be an MRI scan.
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  6. I have MRI scan pictures on a cd here but don't know how to proceed and I have no idea how to fix this.

    If someone is interested in the images I got and wouldn't mind having a look for me, then pm me your email address and I'll email the MRI images
  7. Just to pick up on the Duke's post also, rest does me no good. I find that I have to be constantly active, if I sit down for more than 10 minutes, I get pain. I still participate in Taekwondo and Boxing training (not competing) and it helps.
  8. I had a "whiplash" accident some 25 odd years ago & suffered recurrent pain despite treatment? from several different osteopaths, for about 10 years until I was sent for a cat scan by a neuro surgeon which showed that my C3 vertabrae was touching the nerve occasionally, I then went to a reputable Chiropractor and after several months of treatment have been fine, with just the odd twinge if I do something silly, since!
    You need to get a good neurosurgeon to give his opinion on your prospects rather than a bloke/bigbird on t'internet telling you if you will be ok!
    My whiplash would have def precluded any of the rufty tufty training/exercise involved in the military had it happened before I joined, fortunately I had been out for a number of years when it happened!
  9. This may be a silly question, but have you asked your orthopaedic consultant for his input?

    Given the strenuous nature of the training plus the weights you'd be expected to carry, having any kind of 'weakness' in your spine may always be a problem. Your specialist is ALWAYS going to be the best person to ask for advice, he knows the exact extent of your injury, he knows the mechanisms that caused it and he'll have up to date research on the chances of the same injury recurring.
  10. Thanks for the advice ex-colonial, will seek out a chiropractor, not sure if surgery is what I need though so will stay away from the neurosurgeon.

    BigBird, I was referred for my MRI by my GP and when I went back for results, all I got was "You have a mild slipped disc" and no referral to anyone. I do however work in a hospital as a maintenance engineer and have access to lots of specialists (apart from a chiropractor). Who would be the best person to annoy?

    Thanks again
  11. ignore him Woodsey, you're better off listening to some randoms from the internet.

    have you tried some violent lunges? that ought to do the trick.
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  12. Slipped my disc in 2003 and have continued a military career and also played rugby at Representative level for the Army - prop - for Bath Rugby Club and other local clubs too. I also coach rugby. My disc prolapses every now and again but I have exercises to do that help. Wish you well, take the advice of others and try and get onto a RRU course where they concentrate on core stability work.
  13. Thanks Kim, that's just what I wanted to hear!!

    RRU course, will look into it

  14. Fix what,the CD's or the back problem.Post the images on here,someone will have the knowledge to diagnose the problem and give you pucker advice.
  15. There are lots of images, I don't really know what image shows the herniation clearly as I'm untrained medically