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Given up trying to get the MOD web to spit something sensible out of the search engine. I'm trying to find some policy on the taking of and storage of medical photography. Any pointers in the right direction of where best to look or POCs, positions rather than names is fine, will be greatly appreciated!

Speak to your local hospital's Medical Photgraphy department. They take images all day long and will be able to give you all the information you should need.

Try loking up Caldicott

If your after specific information then PM me and I'll ask my med phot department for you.

There is a Surgeon Generals policy letter on this that came out in about 2006, due to the voyeuristic approach to photography on the deployments at the time.
I do have a copy but not in work this week so cannot lay my hands on it at the moment. If you have access as stated try the SG's dept but if no luck PM me and I will try and sort something out for you when I am back in work.
Why the interest?


I would be very grateful if you could, I have to write policy on this for my organisation so like a good Staff Officer I'm trying to see if somebody's already done it so I don't re-invent the wheel!


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If you have access to the RLI you can review the Index of SGPL's HERE

I took a quick glimp in 2006 but no joy - good luck.

( If you are an evil reptile with no business reading SGPL's - go forth and ! )
On Herrick5/6it was the Radiographers who took all the medical photography, i remember a Colonel getting quite upset when he was told to put the private camera away. :D
What sort of photography is it you want? As in, medics on the ground or in hospitals.
You could try the The Head of Medical Illustration at Manchester Royal Infirmary, they have quite a strict set of criteria regarding the taking of and storage of images.

It's not just a voyeristic thing, it's the fct that onc'e a picture of an injury is taken it's considered to be part of the patients medical records so the photo is then covered under data protection law.

I'm sure qthey sort you out.

The main switch board number is: 0161 276 1234, ask for Medical illustration.

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