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I know......I have posted this into the correct threads with no result or indeed any reply whatsoever so trying something new.


Bit of a specific question, during the medical in phase 1 training for people that are a cp3/cp4 colour blind are you required to resit the lantern test?
Considering colour vision does not deteriorate with age I should think it superfluous?
I should not be discussing it with anyone should I fail as I shall be going to the opposite end of the country simply to turn around and head back after nearly 2 years trying to get into the services.

It is a simple question anyone who has gone through phase 1 training with colour blind limitations to their job of choice should be able to answer..........or at least I had presumed so.
I did and the reply was and this is not verbatim but similar to- 'the whole colour blind thing is all very black magic and no one really knows' and after I asked if I had to resit the test ' you have to resit another medical in phase 1 training' which I already knew so thought I would try a chat forum where more than likely a few of the people involved had passed phase 1 training and roughly 9% (men) would be able to tell me.
My ACLO, in fact 2 ACLO's and some other chap who had been forwarded my query and simply sent me an email in reply with a list of job's I can do if I am a cp'4.
Wrong place but I'm a crow bag... just completed selection at AC Lichfield, I'm 16 and going for junior entry. I had an issue with my medical! simply was born 32 weeks premature and had an undeveloped Aorta valve. the rules of passing/ failing the medical was too vague.. the doctor quickly deferred me although I pushed for a second opinion from this the doctors agreed and I could continue on with selection from which I passed. my application has now been put on hold until I send medical history.
I was hoping to join in march junior intake as I'm too old for September.

any advice? pretty shit situation had everything into joining but now I'm sorta stuck in limbo thanks
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