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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Chillpill, Jun 23, 2007.

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  1. I am currently going through the initial stages of the application process. I have taken the BARB Test and now I'm awaiting my medical papers to be cleared, however it has now been over 3 months and still no feedback received.

    Is this normal? Should your Medical Papers take this long?

    Im new to this, so be easy
    Any help will be appreciated.

    Many Thanks
  2. Has your ACIO received them?
  3. Yes they have, I personally hand delivered the papers myself.
  4. This happened to me but through no fault of the AFCO. The retarded doctor sent them to the place he's supposed to claim the £65 from. It delayed my application by over a month. Fortunatlyfor you Gnr_Darbyshire is a recruiter so at least he can point you in the right direction.
  5. Contact your ACIO and ask them whats happening.
  6. I have telephoned them a number of times. When I first got in touch, to check the status of the Medical forms, they informed me that they have just sent off the papers to be verified. I should then receive a call in a couple of weeks to get my interview booked.

    Two months past and I still had no phone call. I telephoned them to check if everything was going ok. They then told me exactly the same thing as they did the first time I spoke to them, which was they had just sent the forms off and I should hear from them in a couple of weeks.

    A month later and still nothing…
  7. Go in and speak to them personnally. If the GP hasnt filled them in properly or there needs to be clarification of things on the RG8 they might of been sent back to your GP for additional information. It will be better for you to do it face to face with your Recruiter as he can phone up ADSC med wing and find out latest info from them. Unfortunately a recruiters hands are tied when it comes to medical and Im sure hes doing his best. I had a couple of applicants who took over four months for the paperwork side to be sorted. Just concentrate on fitness and confidence during the wait.
  8. Totally agree with The Iron.

    Chillpill tell them you would like a definate answer in the next couple of days otherwise you will look for other employment. The threat of withdrawing your application will always get an answer.

    Personally I would never treat any potential entrant in such a shoddy manner.
  9. Thanks for the help guys. Much appreciated.
  10. Just to give you an idea of time scale, I handed mine in on a Thursday, and the following Thursday I had a letter in the post telling me all was well! I had no idea things would move so efficiently! Hope you get it sorted Chillpill!
  11. I had a real nightmare with my medical docs. I got them from recruiting office and took them all back signed the next day. It was over easter so the recruiter said will tske a couple of weeks. But almost a month later i had still heard nothing so i started ringing them day in day out trying to chase it up and just kept being told they were at Pirbright waiting to be looked at.

    Eventually Pirbright got in touch with recruiting office saying that half the paperwork wasnt there, which i know for a fact was in there when it was sent, so obviously they had misplaced it.

    So i then had to go see my dr again and send it all off again and then i heard back about a week later.
    Complete Nightmare
  12. Perhaps you had crabs.......banter aside I wish you welll....but look out for lobsters!!!!
  13. My ****** doc filled the forms out in front of me. When i asked if i could take them she said no she has to post it. Then 2 months later acio still not recieved it, so i get a second set of forms, take that in, they call me back and give me the 1st forms i handed it, what tosspots.
  14. Yes mate my doc was a ******* retarded twat as well. I wanted to put the mong on his arse for holding up my application for over 2 months and he claimed the £65 twice cause he fucked up the first time!!!! What a prick!!!!!!!!
  15. i waited for about a month and a half...i rang or went in every 2 weeks or so and it got sorted in the end....get on your recruiters case - (look enthusiastic)