Medical on TA mobilisation


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Why is it that the TA get a full medical before mobilisation and the Regulars don't?



It could be that because the TA have a life outside the forces (with their own doctor) that it would be easier for a medical condition to develop without his TA unit being notified.  Not so with the regs.  The medical is a way of checking they are still A1.  


As everybody has said the amount of Ta people that come on FTRS that are unfit is amazing, but the amount that are unfit when they are demobbed and become a " problem child" for the MAOCH's ( just ask 2 Div's) is also quite a lot. :?
In theory regulars are either fit or under treatment/review, as they are all cared for by the military medical services, and thus the military are aware of those unfit to deploy. The truth, of course, is that it's actually a slightly blurred picture because the DMS was decimated and does not offer the level of service that it used to. Too many CMPs and too many civilian nurses in med centres; too much NHS influence in the disaster which is the MDHU setup; too little pressure on the government by senior officers.

In the past there was sufficient flexibility in the system to allow for a percentage of soldiers to be downgraded - few units now have the manning for this.

Some units do have any downgraded soldiers examined to see if they can be upgraded sooner.

Apart from the reasons already mentioned, it makes sense for TA pers to be medically examined is that there are a few who will try to get out of being mobilised by shopping around civ doctors to get the opinion they want.

The MAOCH system is well overdue for review; it hasn't changed since before the military hospitals closed and simply can't cope with the numbers of regulars, let alone TA soldiers.


What does MAOCH stand for?

MAO(CH) = Medical Admin Officer (Civilian Hospitals)

All the MAOCHs are ROs, with the exception of NI where the MAOCH where the job is part of the Staff Asst (G1) duties, and is filled by a WO1.

They are usually assisted by a retd WO and have a civ clk in the office. Their primary function is to control medical absence, so they spend a good deal of time chasing lads who go sick at home and get Dr Patel to give them endless sick notes - as much discip as medical/welfare. The ridiculously large.

The system needs to be split - one part to care for those in non-MDHUs and long term sick at home (eg cancer patients); one part to deal with those medically discharged (or about to be); and one part to deal with disciplinaryaspects of sickness at home.


ViroBono said:
... lads who go sick at home and get Dr Patel to give them endless sick notes...
Presumably you mean 'their doctor' here ?


msr said:
ViroBono said: ... lads who go sick at home and get Dr Patel to give them endless sick notes...
Presumably you mean 'their doctor' here ?
'Their doctor' is their military MO. The problem is that if a soldier goes sick at home he can see any doctor, and in some cases there is an element of shopping around. Though it may not be PC, there are many doctors of non-UK origin who appear to issue sick notes on demand. The MAOCH's aim will be to get the individual back into the care of the military. There are cases where soldiers have been able to stay away (on sick notes), for extended periods, and in one case had even got a civvy job!

MDHUs are NHS hospitals in which the remains of the Defence Medical Services work, and in which service personnel are supposed to be treated.
From personal experience the TA mobilisation medical is a bit of a joke. They don't check with your doctor (despite getting permission to) and the tests themselves are lightweight to say the least. The only thing they seem to be able to do is give you too many innoculations in too short a time then lose the records.


Having just finished through RMTC, the medical is short and sharp but quite clever as you sign to say you are ok and dont want any further investigation from a MO. You get a sad copy of your Ops FMed 4 and kicked out of the door! Top tip with the jabs is dont have them! Just sign and hope for the best!

There will be no GW2 Syndrome this time. I was lucky I got it first time round! Thats my strory if the compo is getting paid out!
I think the medical process at Chilwell is a bloody joke, seeing some of the folk passing their medical when they're grossly overweight unfit hypertensive, diabetic etc etc doesn't make sense when someone I know , who is fit, but has a slight hearing loss is turned down. Anybody else experienced the superb screening process (NOT) ? ? ?