Medical on Leaving

Was asked a question of one of the troops last Tuesday. He's going to call it quits after Bounty time, but has suffered more than a few cuts and bruises in his weekends and weeks wearing green.

Mentioned to him about getting a medical before he leaves, but is it worth his while documenting his cuts and bruises?

I recall a thread in one of the other areas where all of the Regular Army posters were vociferous on the need to get all injuries detailed so as to be able to make a claim in the years ahead - but do we as TA soldiers get similar?

With the exception of one ex-Regular-became-TA chap, during my TA time I don't think I've ever seen anyone come back to the unit asking about medical issues that they could lay at the door of their TA experience.



I smashed up my knee cap in a LR accident as the passenger and the unit was determined to charge me as the driver despite evidence, statements and a correctly filled in work ticket. Still easier to feck off than get anything from them then. I may go for a disability later as it was well documented with my solicitor but missed the 3 year limit as my brief was a tool! Be prepared for a lot of "I dont know and just plain NO!"

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