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medical officer working hours

Im just wondering how many hours a newly qualified medical officer is expected to work?

is it the standard full day mon,tues, thurs and half day weds and fri ? or more like a civvy Dr ?



medic-matt said:
what does WAH mean?
Quote from the ARRSEpedia:

Verbal response to a bone question asked by a superior. Bone questions asked by juniors are dealt with differently.

Further to earlier explanations, within the British Army, also used in response to an answer to an obvious question. This is a question that you have set the other person up to answer. Can become quite frustrating as you become paranoid answering any question in case it is a Wah!

Steve: "Is that a can of beer in your hand Bill?"

Bill: "Yeah!"

Steve: "Wah!"

Bill: "Bugger, been Wah'd again!"

The fact MO's are very economical in their labours would tell you a story. :wink:

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