Medical Officer Roles

Discussion in 'Army Professionally Qualified Recruitment' started by Jaffski35, Jan 6, 2013.

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  1. Im interested in becoming a medical officer. I'm aware of the fact that I must first become a doctor before then joining as a professionally qualified officer, and I am looking into applying for a medical cadetship.

    Would anyone be able to give me some information as to the different roles that a medical officer would be able to carry out? I'm obviously aware of those such as working as Gp, or in a military wing of a hospital. I'm more interested in the operational roles of an MO.

    Ps. Apologies for anything I've done wrong, as this is my first post.
  2. Medical Officer - Medical and medical support careers - RAF Careers
    this is the sort of thing! I realise this is an RAF site but it is more or less the same with the exception of aviation medicine. The defence medical services are triservice and you will get people from one working with another branch of the military. So this might give you some idea. If your really interested go to a careers office and get an acquaint visit at AMD.
  3. If you're looking at Medical Cadetships, you need to apply for it as soon as you have your place confirmed at Medical School. There are only around 10 for the Army now and they will fill up for your graduating year extremely quickly. You will need to get in contact with AMD asap otherwise you'll be looking at joining after F2.