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Discussion in 'New Zealand' started by Pogue, Apr 2, 2013.

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  1. Recently qualified junior doctor. Been in the TA at med school and now PARA qualified. Interested in joining NZDF as an MO and was wondering if anyone on here can shed some light on if they're recruiting MOs at all ATM and if they'd take one from the UK or also just to provide some advice on the process etc.

  2. I think it's still the case that there is a chap in the NZ Embassy in London that you can talk to. Who he is I have no idea, but may be a good point to start. Also, AFAIK, the only winged blokes in NZDF are their SF guys (and that comes from talking to a friend who was an Officer in NZ for several years).
  3. You may be correct in that statement. I'm not current. I was last there in 1979 when PTSU was based at Whenuaipai ( Base Auckland) and there were loads of reservists undergoing para training.
  4. Try Australia.

    I know that NZ is the trendy place to go, etc, etc. recently though they have cut back on their Air Force, they were downsizing their military across the board until the GWOT started. Like someone down there said back then, "who the **** are we going to go to war with".

    I also know of a couple of blokes who were looking to get out and transfer down to NZ, they were promised the earth but when it came to the final stretch there was all sorts of back peddling. They both went to Oz instead. My opinion, OZ offers more opportunities in the longer term, from a medical perspective a mate in the UK is a Doc, he is moving to Oz and reckons on a straight transfer and reckons on more or less full recognition of his UK quals.
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  5. Alec,effendi and WW cheers for your responses. Helpful to have non-sanitized opinion from lads who've been before etc as opposed to the standard recruiting chat. Much appreciated.
  6. No problem. I'm in a very similar situation to you, so have put the feelers out as well. Let me know how it goes.
  7. If your a qualified Doc, you'll be snapped up; no question. NZDF has drastically downsized but has very few military physicians to send on its overly ambitious foreign policy projects such as 'Pacific Partnership'. Left a year ago from NZ defence force so I might still have some credebility.
  8. It's still there.
  9. PTSU pretty much has only 2 outputs now, Training support to SF and a PR tool for the Airforce. There are no para qual'd units or Coy's anymore so little need outside the above for their existence. Unless the Army re-establish para qualified Coy's to justify PTSU's existence they should really be absorbed into the Army as part of the SF establishment.

    As for Doctor's (from a Kiwi's POV) the Aussies would be my preference if I was a Qual'd Doc. NZDF won't compare with what the ADF pay and some conditions of service. Pro's to NZDF is there is a general shortage of pers in the Med field especially Doctors/Spec officers so there is generally always open positions, unsure if its the same with the Aussies. Given what they offer I guess it would be more competitive. Also Spec Officers/Doc's here have quite a long leash to play with and get away with the likes no general officers would (guess it maybe the same over there)