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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Sum1Sum2, Apr 29, 2013.

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  1. I applied for the army in February and only last week heard anything back. This was because of the new process of applying for the Army. They have gone to a new online based way of doing it.

    I was sent my medical forms last week (24-4-13) and filled them in straight away. There were some questions that were a little misleading and i was unsure how to answer them. And as there were only yes, no, boxes.

    There was a question on the form that said 'do you suffer from palpations, breathlessness or chest pain during regular exercise' I said yes, as i do suffer palpations, but in everyday life, not during exercise. I have had an ECG and blood tests to prove that there is nothing wrong with my chest and it is just something i have. This does not stop me from training, as i do Thai Boxing, or slow me down in any way.

    Other questions i ticked yes for were from knee pain and migraines. I felt obligated to tick yes for these as i have suffered these and wanted to be truthful. As before and after i filled in the forms it said, all details given must be the truth as if they do not match your medical records your application could be taken no further.

    As it goes i recieved an email to say my application would be taken no further as i do not meet the correct requirments for the army. I do not feel this is fair, from a closed question questinnaire.

    I have the right to appeal this, and would like some advise.

  2. Go for the appeal. Explain why you answered as you did, and hope for the best. Just be prepared to possibly get knocked back again - we're doing ok at recruiting at the moment, and if there is a choice between someone who already has medical condition/s, and someone who is clear, I know who I'd go for.

    Good luck. Be honest - the Army isn't worh messing up you long-term health for.
  3. It's not normal to have palpitations if it's not anxiety then perhaps an echocardiogram and a 24 hour ECG.
  4. I have had a 24 hour ECG and it showed up clear. My family has a history of Heart murmurs. It has not effect on me, my training or my fitness. There is nothing on my medical records that should hold me back. And that is why opening up that email this morning shocked me. As apart from my chest, which has been proven to be ok, i am healthy.
    I was upset that my application had been stopped as i had, had no chance of explaning myself or saying why i answered how i had.

    Thank you for your help
  5. There's civvy OK, and Army OK. Most of the time civvy OK is enough for Army life, then there is that teeny tiny 0.01% of the time where is isn't, and you could potentially cost lives.

    There's lots of things where civvy OK and Army OK isn't the same, I've even had it with stuff as trivial as Tetanus - civvy lasts 10 years and Army 5 for the same dose (may have changed) - and some dick kicked off "don't know why I have to have this, my civvy doctor blah blah ...". SImple answer, Army is potentially much more dangerous/difficult/dirty and required standards reflect this
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  6. Also on the email that i recieved to tell me i was not good enough for the army, was a website. That took me to the Army MOD site. which had a list of the medical conditions that may stop you from getting into the army. I looked at the list of conditions and checked back a couple of times. And none of the things i ticked yes for were on the list.
    Are the forms marked on how many you have said yes to out of how many questions there were.
    E.G 5 questions answered YES out of 150 means the application can go no further?
  7. There are more applicants than places, why choose someone who is less than 100%?
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